Find the Right Tools for Your E-Commerce Site

Ensuring your e-commerce is productive and that your customers have no problem completing transactions all begins with finding the right tools. Your website must feature a strong shopping cart and checkout platform to increase conversions and maximize the potential of your business to please your customers. Regardless of the nature of your business, you need the right support.


BigCommerce has emerged as the shopping platform of choice for many businesses and it may be the ideal solution for your e-commerce needs. At Emagine, we’re accustomed to helping our clients not only choose the best platform for them, but also implement it so our clients create pleasant browsing and shopping experiences for each person who discovers them online.

The Ins and Outs of BigCommerce

Our e-commerce team can help you determine if BigCommerce makes sense for your company and get you started on a trial basis, so you can see the results for yourself. We will take the guesswork out of the process, so you can focus on what you do best.

One of the major advantages to BigCommerce is its high level of customizability. It can be tweaked to accommodate any sort of business that you operate. With BigCommerce, you’re getting some powerful and versatile tools.

Many companies find BigCommerce an affordable solution. Getting started is simple as well. Meeting your customers’ needs while keeping your own costs low will help improve your profit margin and allow you to redirect your savings into other areas of your business. These savings are great for your bottom line in general, and you can rest assured that you’re getting high-end tools that make the sales process a breeze for both you and your customers.

You will also begin earning money quickly when you decide to use BigCommerce, because the process of creating your sales pages is straightforward. The company designed it this way and created a lot of different themes that business owners have written rave reviews about. Since it’s easy to create and implement sales and product pages, companies have the freedom to customize them to their brand and specifications without needing a ton of prior experience.

Both you and your customers will be taken care of with this system, since they’re not just easy to use, they’re also safe and secure. BigCommerce stresses PCI Compliance and other security features and will enforce these matters seamlessly.

You need a platform that focuses on marketing and retention, and these are core to BigCommerce experience. Features are designed to encourage sales and keep customers for the long-term. For instance, you can take advantage of some shopping cart abandonment services that help you retain the business of people who may have gotten sidetracked. This creates incredible conversion rates that you would otherwise have been missing.

BigCommerce regularly releases updates to provide clients with new features and smoother operations. Best of all, you won’t need to be a coding expert to take advantage of them. Our team would be happy to assist you unleashing the power of BigCommerce to give your customers unparalleled online shopping.

“ BigCommerce merchants grow 28% year over year ”

Using BigCommerce to Your Advantage

To maximize on the way that you use BigCommerce, you will need to incorporate it into a larger marketing strategy that takes the rest of your company’s goals into account. Establish trust with your customers. Most of them will need to gain confidence in your brand before they ever make a purchase.

This is where Emagine comes in. We will help you develop a comprehensive strategy, one that considers the ease of shopping experience on the back end as well as the brand credibility you must build on the front end. Our team is equipped to manage all the various elements that go into setting your business apart, and we’ll do it seamlessly.

We will help you Improve engagement with your customers, figure out what they want, why they shop, how they shop, and how you can improve the way you deliver these services to them.

By incorporating BigCommerce, you have access to the technology that will bridge this gap with your customers, and also help you to keep better records. With the power of sound analytics behind you, you can pinpoint exactly how to improve your outreach and, ultimately, your revenue.

Let Us Help You Take That Next Step

The tools designed to grow your business are only as valuable as your ability to use them. And when you’re trying to run a business, you can’t afford to waste time inefficiently working your way through systems that are supposed to help you.

Our business is helping your business. We are acutely familiar with BigCommerce and can shepherd you through all the stages of getting this platform set up and running if you decide it’s the right choice for your company.

However your customers are trying to reach you, we will help you connect better with them. Customers today know what they want and have countless options. Make sure that each transaction is handled with the care that it deserves.

We will assist you in using BigCommerce, while also leveraging your sales with any other marketing and hosting tools that you need. Since we offer the entire package, you can consider Emagine your one-stop shop for making your business the success that it can be.

As your business evolves, so will our support. We are happy to partner with you in developing a customized strategy for your success.

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