Do you have a fantastic new product that you're ready to start selling? Making money from your product is a great goal, but sometimes launching a new product can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can market your products online that will quickly lead to great results and an increase in sales.

1. Write guest posts for bloggers

Did you know that many consumers turn to blogs as a way to find out about new and important products? If you're willing to spend some time writing articles, consider writing several brief posts that include a link back to your product. Search for a few blogs that discuss products or topics in your industry and reach out to the bloggers. Ask if they would be willing to share a post that you've written in exchange for a link back to your website. They'll get free content for their site and you'll gain new clients through the link on their site.

2. Seek out bloggers to conduct product reviews

If you aren't up for writing your own posts and you'd like to find out firsthand what potential consumers think about your product. Many bloggers conduct product reviews on a regular basis. These are designed to let their readers know about new and interesting items. A product review offers a great way to expose your product to potential buyers. The blogger who reviews your product will typically include pictures of the item and a link to your website. Additionally, bloggers tend to be fantastic at promoting their own posts, so you can rest assured that your item will get maximum exposure with their readers.

3. Share your product on Pinterest

Consider taking some professional looking pictures of your product and sharing them on Pinterest. Pinterest enables users to share pictures quickly and with large numbers of people. Make sure that the picture is clear and highlights all the best aspects of your product. Also include a brief, yet informative description of the item.

4. Promote your product on Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? Did you know that you can use your account to promote your products? Whether you want to market an eBook, a website, or a new type of toy, you can post tweets about your item on a regular basis. For the best response, make sure that you interact with your followers, as well. Never simply post about your business and then disappear. Instead, take time to read messages that people direct at you and to always respond promptly.

5. Talk about your product on Facebook

Facebook offers a number of ways that you can market an item. You can post pictures of the product to your own wall. This enables friends and family members to "share" your picture with their own friends. You can also create a fan page on Facebook. People will "like" your page and you'll be able to share product updates, specials, and information with them quickly and easily.

6. Host a Twitter party

Twitter parties offer a way to reach a large number of people at once. In order to host a party, you'll need to contact other tweeters who can talk about your product at the same time. Each person who agrees to talk with you will use your screen name and your product's name to reach even more viewers and readers. Because you'll all be chatting through Twitter about your item at the same time, potential consumers will see the posts about it in their news feed and quickly become curious about what you're offering.

7. Offer a giveaway

A giveaway might seem counterproductive to selling an item, but the truth is that the right type of giveaway can be very effective. Consider giving away one of your products as a way to promote your business. You can require that people "like" you on Facebook in order to enter. Another option would be to require that guests sign up for your email list. While you'll have to pay for the item you're giving away, the potential influx of customers will be well worth the cost.

8. Create coupons for your product

Everyone loves to save money. Why not give your customers a break and offer a coupon? This could be a fantastic way to let customers know that you aren't only interested in making money. They'll believe that you are also willing to cut them a deal in order to expose your product to more people. You can share your coupon via your email list, post it on your website, or share it with your Facebook fans.

9. Utilize your email list

Do you have an email list? If you don't, you could be missing out on a huge number of sales. Make more money by promoting your product to your email subscribers. While you should never spam your subscribers, don't be afraid to let them know about new items, new prices, and new specials.

10. Create a press release

If you haven't written a press release, you may not realize just how powerful this tool can be. Write a press release and ask bloggers to share it. You can also post your press releases to your own website or on any free press release website. You should include information about your company, your purpose, your goals, and your product itself.

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