A business’s brand marketing strategy needs to utilize many different media channels and fill those channels with a variety of content types.

While certain platforms and types of content may appear to simply be a passing trend or fad, others emerge as important tools in marketing tool boxes that are here to stay.

Video is definitely one of these tools, especially when it is used on social media networks. However, video can be hard to break into on social media. The thought may even be a little intimidating.

Never fear, though. We have five ideas to help you get started on introducing video to your team’s social media marketing strategy.

Why businesses must use video on social media

Video has taken over the internet. It was estimated that by last year, 80% of all consumer internet traffic would be users watching online videos.

Nowhere has video’s rise on the internet been more apparent, though, than on social media. While YouTube is certainly the grandfather of the pack, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the titans of social media, if you will – have all introduced new tools for posting videos to their platforms. Then you have the newer social networks, such as Snapchat and TikTok, that are either mostly or exclusively focused on video.

There are stats to back this up, as well. For instance, Hubspot has released data that shows 45% of people spend at least an hour per week watching video on Facebook and Youtube, while Twitter says 82% of its users watch video on the platform.

Businesses have to keep up with this seismic shift toward video. If your business doesn’t have a plan for videos on social media, then now is the time to get started.

Now, let’s get to those ideas that can help with that goal.

1. Focus on your fans first.

When you begin to experiment with video on social media, you should always think about what types of content your business’s biggest fans would appreciate most.

Create videos that tell stories that they may find useful or informative. Maybe that’s in the form of an explainer or how-to video about one of your products or services. Instructive videos for how to get the most out of a product or service are often popular.

Or, you could share some of the popular or innovative ways some of your top customers use those products and services. You could even introduce new products in a video and frame it as a sneak peek for current customers.

2. Create videos that grab attention quickly

No matter the video’s subject material, you want to draw viewers’ attention as quickly as possible – as in the first few seconds of the video. If you don’t then people will just scroll on past your video to the next.

One way to do this is to state a problem and the problem’s solution right away. This is what’s called a hook. Hooks are what grabs a viewer’s attention.

Another example of a potentially successful hook would be to wow viewers with production quality or the use of graphics or animation to help it stand out from other videos.

3. Make videos that address company goals

When you’re brainstorming what types of videos you should make for social media, don’t forget about the general goals you have for your business. These videos should fit those goals and help achieve them, too.

Is it a goal of yours to attract new customers? Then you could create a video that announces a deal for new customers. You could also create a video that simply shares the history of your business.

You could even showcase what it’s like to work at your company by creating a company culture video. This is great for companies that want to grow in the future by hiring more employees.

4. Share an event video – or broadcast events live

If your business hosts events for the public, or events that the public might find interesting or informative, then you have ample opportunity for video that fits nicely into a social media strategy.

There are several options for creating social videos that are focused on events. First, you can create a video that advertises the event. This is a great idea for any event that you encourage members of the public to attend. Then, following the event, you can put together a quick recap featuring employees of your business or people who were in attendance.

You can even stream events live. In some ways, broadcasting or streaming a live event or a simple interview live can be easier than editing a shortened highlight reel of the event. That is, as long as you can secure good video and sound quality for the live stream.

5. Feeling creative? Get a little weird.

Sometimes, the best videos on social media are those people can’t help but watch because they might be a little weird or quirky.

Is there some way you can show off a product in a way that is creative and unusual? You might be surprised how many people tune in and share the content with their own friends and followers.

Plus, your brand will receive bonus points if you can show your business has a good sense of humor. Unusual videos are perfect for some lighthearted fun.

Emagine can help you establish a social media presence

Social media is just one of our many marketing specialties here at Emagine. We can help you gain a clear picture of how to connect with your business’s customers and clients on a more social level.

We’ll start with identifying what social media networks your customers use and then deliver a plan for reaching your targeted audience on those platforms. We prioritize creating custom content for each of our clients that achieves results.

Video? We do that, too.

Our team is also proficient in creating videos that focus on your business in order to inspire, educate, promote and celebrate your business. Combine our expertise in producing high-quality video with our creative ways to establish a presence on social media and you will see for yourself how better content generates better results.

Ready to work together and introduce video to your social media strategy? Chat with us during a free consultation.

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