Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard that video is going to be an absolutely critical component of content marketing in 2017. Today's content consumer doesn't want to read blocks of text; they want their content delivered on their mobile devices in a quick and engaging manner. But where do you start with video marketing when you're not sure what options are available to you? To discover your top five video outreach tools in 2017, consider the following five must-use resources.


If you think Snapchat is just for connecting with younger consumers, you couldn't be more wrong. Everyone from venture capitalists to celebrities are using Snapchat to connect with consumers of all ages. If you only add one new video tool to your brand marketing repertoire in 2017, Snapchat just might be your best bet.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a must for video outreach. Livestream everything from sneak peeks at new products to interviews with your company's CEO. Focus on streaming content of interest to your audience and not what will necessarily generate sales for your business. Live streaming is all about building an authentic relationship with your audience; sales will be a natural progression of an organic relationship.


Instagram is another must-use video marketing tool in 2017. With everything from basic Instagram video to Boomerang and Hyperlapse available, brand builders can connect with customers in a number of ways using Instagram. Don't stick to only one video format when using Instagram for brand building; offer your audience a variety of styles to keep your engagement rates high.


YouTube is another 'be there or be square' platform for video marketing. Owned by Google, YouTube is a phenomenal tool for improved SEO. YouTube videos can be embedded in anything from a post on your company's blog to an article on Medium. Make sure your videos are optimized for discovery and you'll see long-lasting results from YouTube.


Live.ly is a top choice for marketers who want to increase their usage of live streaming in 2017. Live.ly lets you broadcast in real-time, host group video chats, and host guests on your live streams for interviews. Available from the team that brought you Musical.ly, this top-rated app is an awesome addition to your video marketing strategy.

Video is a critical component of content marketing. There are multiple tools you can try to connect with your audience and build your brands reputation. How many of these tempting tools will you be using to supercharge your video marketing efforts in 2017?

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