It’s rare anymore that a business has to be sold on whether they need a website. It is 2022 (almost 2023), afterall. Many businesses have a website, or are at a point in their growth where they are considering the need to have one designed and built for them.

However, it’s certainly not unheard of for some businesses to think they can skirt by and manage without a website. Well, we’re here to tell you that those days are severely numbered. That might have worked out OK back in the day, but it’s just not how people want to do businesses now. More on that later.

By now, most businesses are on board with the idea that they need to have a strong website in order to attract and retain customers. But the internet is always changing, as are the websites that customers visit. New functionality is available at a pace more rapid than ever, which opens up the door for new web design trends to emerge.

When it comes to those new trends, those that adopt them more quickly are usually rewarded, whether by improved conversions, more traffic or better search engine optimization.

New customers research businesses online before buying

The challenge now becomes maintaining a website that is updated with a design that is not only current, but also as usable as possible. But why is that so important?

Well, 81% of retail shoppers look up a business online and do some research before they buy or hire a business for its services. If you don’t have an updated website that grabs and keeps a customers' attention, then your business is going to struggle online.

With that in mind, here are five updated web design trends to keep an eye on that you might consider in 2023.

1. The 404 page is fun now!

Let’s start with something that may surprise you: the 404 error page, you know, the page that pops up whenever a user clicks a broken or inactive link, can be fun now.

That’s right. You don’t have to make 404 pages boring. What used to send internet users scurrying elsewhere can now encourage them to stick around. Maybe that means adding a little bit of interactive content to your website’s 404 page. Or maybe incorporate useful tips or other information that a user may find helpful.

You could even use the opportunity to get information from the visitor, such as by asking them to tell you what they were looking for so that you can send them in the right direction – maybe even collect their email address along the way.

There are many possibilities to explore when you update your website in 2023.

2. Page speed is still a top priority

Now for a web design priority that happens more so on the backend rather than what users may actually see: page speed.

In 2023, page speed will remain one of the highest priorities for anyone who relies on their website to drive:

  • Traffic.People love fast websites, and hate slow ones)
  • Conversions.Faster websites are easier to use, which leads to more conversions and ecommerce success.
  • Search rankings. Google rewards well-designed websites that prioritize fast page loading times. This leads to more traffic, which can result in more conversions.

Do you see the cycle in the above benefits? It all starts with page speed. Make sure you are not using bloated features or poorly coded features on your website that may be costing you even a tenth of a second. That can be all it takes for a visitor to either leave your website or become a customer.

3. Animations and moving effects guide users

Too many bells and whistles and flashy objects are something to avoid when dreaming up a website. However, you’ll notice more and more websites are starting to incorporate moving effects that actually flow well with the user as they navigate your pages.

For example, active design elements with small motions, such as a twinkling star next to that email signup form or a blinking light next to an “on sale” notice, are a fun way to add intrigue if kept simple and used wisely.

Additionally, many websites are using scrolling effects that work hand-in-hand with a website’s design that can actually direct the user’s attention toward other areas of the website, or simply encourage them to keep scrolling to see what they might discover.

There are many possibilities to incorporate animations and moving effects, but remember, a little can go a long way.

4. 90s navigation is back in style

Retro is always in, it just depends on what older style is new again. For websites, 90s-style menu navigation designs are starting to show up more frequently.

Much of that is because the generation building today’s internet fondly remembers a lot of how the internet used to operate . It seemed like a simpler, more straightforward time in the digital realm – and it was.

There’s something to be said about that nostalgia, and menus with tabs at the top of web pages are one way the 90s internet culture influence is making itself seen once again.

5. Keep it simple

Simple designs are in for 2023. Why? Because a simple design, such as a single page website, or at least limited pages, requires you to immediately get to the point and make the case to the visitor as to why they should stay on your website and take the next action, whether that’s buy or contact you for a service.

Simple designs also help boost page speed, which as we’ve already covered is critical.

Finally simple designs can help keep your customer on track. They don’t have to mess with navigation. All it takes for you to get their message across is for them to keep scrolling – and not that far, either.

So consider what you could scale back on your current website when evaluating future updates or redesigns.

Web design is what we do

When you’re looking for expert web designers in 2023 for your business’s website, look no further than Emagine. Web design is a major part of what we do – and we do it well.

Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll discuss how we can help deliver real results for your business in the new year.

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