Incorporating SEO techniques require consistency. Focusing on SEO trends will help companies connect better with their customers to generate more sales.

If you have a brand or plan to establish one anytime soon, keep in mind the importance of investing in SEO. When we say ‘invest', it doesn't mean simply putting money into that aspect of your business. We also mean putting in effort and time in that area; hiring professionals to utilize it correctly and staying updated on its many trends.

Like the rest of the marketing world, SEO trends keep changing and developing. However, it remains the key to increasing the organic traffic to your website, which is what will translate into leads and sales.

Not sure what trends and projections you need to watch for in 2022?

Here are the main ones to focus on:

1. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence is Worth Noticing

AI is transforming the world we live in; it is on the Internet of Things, influencing the way we interact online and can facilitate the searches of your target audience.

Today, all the major search engines like Google and Bing have algorithms to enhance the user experience. The factors that determine whether your website will show up high in a keyword search or not keep changing are many. The current factors may include the average time users spend on your page, how fast they click through your website, or how much your content matches the keywords.

To stay on top of the AI game, you have to make sure your content is useful, organized, engaging, and captivating to the readers. There are guidelines that you can follow in this reward, which include the following:

· The webpage should have a purpose aligned with the user's intent

· The content should be trustworthy, authoritative, and focus on expertise (this includes sources for the material, reviews, testimonials, and certifications)

· The content should capture a reader’s interest at every funnel stage

2. Voice Searches Are Likely to be More Common

With innovations like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa becoming much more common, voice searches are likely to be the go-to choice for most internet users. By 2022, probably more than half of all households in the United States will have a smart speaker like Alexa. Companies today need to keep this trend in mind and tweak their marketing strategies accordingly.

When you want to enhance your SEO standing in a certain kind of search, the focus for voice searches should be on longer phrases. People may go for shortcuts when they are typing, even if they have a lot of time. However, speaking something naturally leans towards phrases and sentences rather than specific words. For instance, someone is more likely to type ‘Weather in NYC today,’ but say ‘What’s the weather like in NYC today?’ if they search through their virtual assistant.

It is also not just about optimizing your content for coming up in a voice search but also making it optimal for hearing. This trend means that you should optimize content for mobile devices too. Identify the long-tail question keywords, and then, include the answers in various headings within your content.

3. Accessibility is a Preference

Many internet users are accessing the network with mobile devices now. This trend is likely to stay upward. This fact is just one reason why companies today have to strengthen their mobile platforms. Part of this is working on features that are not dependent on keyboards; some examples include virtual reality, voice commands, augmented reality, and so on.

Here, the main aim is to make your content accessible to anyone using a mobile device. They might not always have time to read the text either. Imagine someone who is in the middle of baking and needs the measurements for an ingredient without having to clean their hands and touch their device. The ideal situation is that they can shout out a voice command and pull up a relevant video or audio related to their requirement. They are more likely to return to your platform if you provide that ease.

4. Incorporating Videos and the Right Features Can Make the difference

A modern SEO strategy should always include implementing video content. Many people now prefer videos over blocks of text imparting the same information. If you want to have an impressive SEO standing, here are some tips for working with the video trend:

· Optimize the description and name of any video channels your brand has – for instance, you can add keywords, links to resources, etc.

· Go for semantically related keywords in addition to primary keywords

· Consider adding chapters to YouTube videos; these will break up the video and allow the user to locate the exact topic they need

· Use closed captions so that both Google and YouTube can understand the words in the videos

· Embed videos into the brand’s websites and blog posts

5. Social Listening is the new SEO norm

This is the process of monitoring the social media handles of your brand. It includes tracing feedback from customers anywhere online. From there, you can decide what kind of action to take.

Staying on top of social listening will allow you to create an ideal client profile and understand what kind of content they are looking for. You can then conduct searches to help develop the customer's journey. From a slightly interested lead to a loyal client, content that matches their preferred format will hopefully get this result soon!

6. The ‘People Also Ask’ Feature is making waves

A relatively new Google feature includes a ‘People Also Ask’ or ‘PAA’ section. Many search queries have a box that gives details of similar questions to a query any other user has typed in. Since this box is positioned high in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), every company would like to be in this feature. You can enhance your chances of being in the PAA prominent position by tweaking your content accordingly.

Most of the terms in the PAA box will begin with the usual question words ‘when,’ ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what.’ Whenever possible, try to tighten the headings of your content to match this format. Another good idea is to add a FAQ section at your web page's end.

The Takeaway

Working with SEO trends is more than simple marketing or advertising products. It takes a lot of work to stay up to date on all the trends and their changes over the months. There are also specific trends that may affect your business more than others. The market is now more interconnected than before. So, this is the time to enhance your connection with your target audience as well. Conversions will become more achievable once you use SEO to boost your website's traffic.

Of course, getting a professional in to help you out will always be a positive step. Contact Emagine today for a free consultation on developing a strong SEO strategy for your business.

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