With how fast and accessible the internet is currently, would you believe me if I told you that the number of daily internet users is increasing? A recent report from Pew Research suggests that internet usage among adults has grown 5 percent in the past three years. The way people shop has also changed significantly, which means connecting with the right audience on the right platforms and at the right time has changed too.

With that said, it has never been more crucial than it is now to have a solid foundation in your business’s digital PR strategy. Without it, your brand, products, and services are entirely invisible.

What’s digital PR?

In the era of online-first business, digital PR is simply the art of generating publicity for a product, brand, or business in the digital realm. The primary goal of this process is to raise the visibility of a product or brand to influence potential consumers. Examples of digital PR include;

  • Creating informative blog posts about your brand’s latest services of products
  • Pitching press releases about various industry trends that are relevant to your audience
  • Releasing part of behind-the-scenes content on various social media channels
  • Contributing content (blog posts) to platforms where the audience is relevant to your market
  • Using social media networks as sounding boards for feedback and client service
  • Creating and sharing excellent infographics with industry stats and trends relevant to your industry
  • Creating and posting original branded video clips that feature workers talking about what they do in the business world.

Now that you know digital PR and some relevant examples, let’s find out how your business can benefit from a well-thought-out digital PR strategy.

What are the benefits of digital PR?

Generally, digital PR helps brands and businesses of all sizes and industries. Without it, many business ventures will be left behind, fighting for one or two odd customers who accidentally find their way to the premises. Traditional PR strategies work, but digital PR tactics work even better. Here are ways your business can benefit from digital PR.

1. Build lasting relationships with influencers

Building solid relationships with the right influencers give your business venture a chance to feature in newsletters and posts on reputable platforms. This can help increase your brand’s exposure and the number of followers you have on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Digital PR, particularly a strategy that involves blogging campaigns and partnering with influencers, can help grow your clientele. As a result, your business sales can increase.

2. Grow your social media following

A well-executed digital PR strategy can help grow the number of active followers on your social media. Having more social media followers means your business will likely get more sales and probably become a thought leader in the industry.

Consumers are more likely to trust companies with a solid social media following. That means a more significant number of social media followers translates to a higher level of trust. And trust is one of the essential factors potential clients consider. Without it, your company is like a moving truck with no place to stop. Remember, you do not belong anywhere unless you secure a parking spot.

3. Improve feedback and customer service through online interaction

Improving the client service loop and feedback you a chance to understand your target consumers and their needs better. Your business will know how to best cater to them because you will have the right idea of what your target market wants when interacting with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

4. Gain more visibility

By gaining more exposure in your industry, you place your brand, product, and services in the eyes of your target customers. Visibility equals opportunities, which is why a good digital PR strategy creates a huge opportunity for business growth. It can also help you attract new clients and maintain the ones you have already won.

5. Generate more leads and sales

If you can successfully generate quality leads and sales through digital PR, your company will experience a significant uptick in sales revenue and other key performance indicators. As we know, more business revenue means higher levels of success. Not to mention, your company needs more money to keep pushing product innovations forward and securing future growth opportunities.

5. Create a consistent brand image

By implementing the right digital PR strategy, you can secure an excellent brand image in the digital realm. Without a strong online presence, your company is likely to get lost in the ever-increasing noise in the digital landscape of other brands competing for attention.

Digital PR can help get your voice out there and make it easier to successfully share your brand image and message with your target audience. People will hear about your new services or products easily. Socialbetter gives media mentions and positive reviews can amplify your digital PR campaigns and yield better results if done correctly.

6. Dictate the right course for your brand’s tone and message

Digital PR offers the opportunity to correct lies and rumors placed on your company. Indeed, it offers you a voice with which you get to choose the specific message to pass to your target audience. You can respond and clarify various issues mentioned in negative reviews and address statements made to tarnish your brand.


When it comes to integrating a digital PR strategy into your marketing efforts and business workflow, you must specify your objectives, the tools to achieve those goals, the specific strategy to implement, and how to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Keep in mind that the success of your digital PR strategy depends on proper planning and an in-depth understanding of digital PR.

We are a digital marketing and design company comprised of creatives, strategists, data analysts, and media experts driven by a common objective – create incredible results that help brands drive growth. You can rely on our expertise to create and implement a well-thought-out digital PR strategy that could set your business on the right growth trajectory.

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