If you want to improve your business outreach efforts this year, you can't beat the benefits of business blogging. Not only does business blogging boost your SEO, it also feeds your social media marketing efforts and fills your customer acquisition funnel too. If you've hesitated to begin a business blog for fear of having nothing to say, it is helpful to approach blogging by considering the different types of blog posts at your disposal. Understanding your options makes it easier to create a content calendar and stick to a regular posting schedule. Check out the following five types of blog posts small business owners should be creating to ensure your marketing efforts achieve maximum audience interaction.


How-to blog posts are an excellent way to impart your knowledge to consumers. Regardless of your business niche, you're sure to have valuable knowledge potential customers don't possess. Use your expertise to create how-to posts for your business blog and share your wisdom. Not only will you be building brand authority by sharing your knowledge, you'll be improving your SEO at the same time.


If you want to increase the social media reach of your company's blog, you can't beat a list post. Sharing lists on your site offers your readers bite-size knowledge and makes your posts easier to consume. Blog visitors are much more likely to share a list post with a click-worthy title than they are to share a post filled with large, uninterrupted blocks of text.


Video is increasingly important for business bloggers. Whether you post content from YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, or Blab, the key is to offer engaging videos that will resonate with your audience. The added benefit of video blog posts is the increase in your time-on-site ratio. To ensure maximum reader satisfaction, never set your videos to automatically play. Although some marketing gurus might disagree with this philosophy, you need to keep the preferences of your readers in mind. Auto-playing videos are one of the fastest ways to get visitors to back out of your site, never to return.


Community posts help your readers to understand your involvement in your community. These blog posts can be anything from your company's charitable efforts to ways you're helping to build a community within your business sector. Highlight the ways you're helping to build your local community, the efforts you're making to give back, or spotlight community issues you think need addressing and solicit feedback.

Company Update/Event

Company update/event posts should be used sparingly, but are still critical for business success. If your audience doesn't know what you've been up to, they can't possibly participate in your ongoing growth. Share information on events you're hosting or attending, highlight awards your business has received, or offer updates on upcoming product launches. Make your audience feel like they're part of your success and they're sure to continue to reward you with their brand loyalty.

Blogging for your business doesn't need to feel like an overwhelming task. If you approach writing for your company with a logical mind, you'll be surprised at just how many tidbits you have to share. Consider the above-listed types of blog posts and you'll never run out of intriguing information to share with your audience. Do you think you'll be upping your business blogging game this year?

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