Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world. With over one billion active users, it presents many opportunities for businesses to expand and connect with their audience. You should make every post meaningful, but this can be difficult to accomplish. With these seven practical tips, you can boost your success and engage your Facebook fans more than ever before.

Think of Your Audience

Your audience should always be your first priority when it comes to any kind of marketing, but especially social media marketing. If your audience isn't interested in your content or media, they will not comment, share, or like it. Take the time to research your audience fully and get to know them on a personal level. Come up with a top 10 list of their interests and create Facebook posts accordingly.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Facebook posts should be short and straight to the point. This is because most people scan through Facebook posts and stop to read ones that they find interesting. Since Facebook users are primarily scanners, you must accommodate this by creating catchy, interesting posts that are ideally under 40 characters in length.

Don't Complicate Things

While it is true that photos and videos are popular on Facebook, you should avoid complicating your posts with a mixture of different types of media. Choose one photo or video per post, and keep your descriptive text short.

Engage Fans by Asking Questions

Facebook fans are more likely to comment on your posts if you ask a question, or end posts with a question. There are many ways to incorporate this technique. For example, if you share a video, you can ask your fans what they think of it.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action simply tells the reader what you want them to do. It can be as simple as asking your Facebook fans to share, like, or comment. It can also be more complex, such as asking them to visit your new website, or check out your new product. However you implement a call to action, you should keep in mind that people are more likely to perform your desired action when you give them something in return, such as a discount or special offer.


If you want more Facebook engagement, you must do your part by interacting with your fans and continuing conversations. Spend a few minutes each day responding to comments on your Facebook page. Remember to keep conversations going by asking questions and providing thought-provoking responses.

Switch Things Up

Variety keeps your Facebook page interesting and can motivate fans to check back often. Don't post the same types of media over and over again. Instead, switch things up by posting a variety of different forms of media to keep things fresh.

Every business wants their Facebook page to be successful; however, achieving this can take time and patience. You can boost your success by incorporating these seven strategies into your current Facebook marketing strategy. Remember to stay persistent and dedicated to building your Facebook engagement for the best results.

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