Marketing videos are a very powerful way to engage your potential clients and get visitors interested in what you are selling. Good videos can also increase your brand recognition and assist in lead generation. A successful video marketing campaign will help you gain targeted customers who come back to your site repeatedly, provided you use the right strategies.

The challenge is in knowing which strategies to use to increase audience engagement, and how to make your videos compelling. In addition, you will want to interest them in a way that will make them want to interact with you. Audience engagement is all a part of creating excitement for your brand and getting your message out to even more potential leads and customers.

Here are a few strategies Fortune 500 companies are using to draw in their audience on a higher level:

Use an emotional appeal to your videos. People are drawn to videos which resonate with them personally. Think of how you could appeal to their emotions, with a powerful message which touches the heart. For example, consider using an idea involving being with close friends during the holidays or comforting an elderly grandparent when they are ill. People also love animals, and you can employ these techniques to emphasize the emotional appeal as well.

Be direct in your message. Generally, people have a limited amount of time when they view your video. For this reason, it helps to get to the point quickly. Tell them why your brand or product is better than your competitors, and be honest in your approach. Remember that people do not buy a product for what the product does; they buy it for what it can do for their lives.

Use a powerful thumbnail that will attract views. If you place your videos on YouTube or other video search platforms you are in competition with hundreds of other videos with a similar message. One way to increase audience engagement and interest in what you have to say is to create a dynamic thumbnail image. Dynamic colors, unique expressions, and high-quality pictures are a great way to achieve success in video marketing. Try to choose a thumbnail image which captures the essence of your message and makes them want to watch it.

Use keywords in your video description which match the key word on your website or blog. To maximize your SEO content, use the same key words in your video description. YouTube has a place for key word descriptions. Providing good descriptions is important to your video marketing campaigns.

Be transparent. Transparency in your ad campaigns lets the user know that you are being straightforward with your customers in what you are offering. Honesty is important in your marketing videos so you will start to build credibility. Honesty and transparency increase your audience engagement by creating a higher degree of trust in your products or services.

Make it easy to interact. Ask viewers to comment on your videos and engage viewers through social media. Social media is at the heart of sharing marketing videos on a larger scale. Most people share videos on social media on a regular basis, and this gets your message out to vast numbers of people.

Don't forget the "call to action." If you want your viewers to really engage with you, ask them to do something. If your purpose is to get them to subscribe and to generate leads for you, ask them to do that. If you want to make a sale, ask them to click on your sales page link. You should paste the link at the bottom of the video so it is easily seen. Make it easy for them to do something, then ask them to do what you want at the end of the message.

Finally, do some research on the key words you are using as you begin your marketing campaign. Make sure you are using words your potential buyers would use, so the right people will find you. The key to increasing audience engagement is to combine good marketing techniques each time you create a marketing video, and work on integrating your efforts. You will begin to see results a little at a time, and it should pay off big in the long run!

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