Going live on Facebook with a video promoting your business is the best way to personalize your brand. It allows you to directly interact with your audience, which creates a strong connection with both prospective buyers as well as current customers. Having a ready-made, built-in audience on your profile page is a great asset, ensuring that your message is easily conveyed to those you target. So what are the best Facebook Live marketing techniques?

Keep Consumers Connected and In the Loop

Giving people weekly or bi-monthly video messages is a great way to remind them about your brand. In an "out of sight, out of mind" world, having people remember your brand is practically half the battle. Make your videos relevant, and you get added bonus of trustworthiness as well as connection. Posting important announcements via Facebook Live helps build relationships with viewers, as they will feel like they are part of the action.

Make Yourself Available

Some Facebook users--and hence prospective customers--may not follow you or not even know you exist. Activating the Facebook Live Map option allows your public streaming to be available anywhere in the world. People who are interested in what's going on in the place from which you're streaming will be able to watch your video. Your message can reach a larger audience and you will get more notoriety, not to mention that these individuals can convert into buyers or long-term users.

Give People a Look Behind the Scenes

When you're launching a new product, it's a good idea to tell people the hows and the whys. Making a video that documents the work you've put into the creation of a new feature, explaining its uses, or testing the product in your own home shows them you believe in both your product and your consumers. Arranging an interview or making a "how-to" video are efficient tactics you can employ for this purpose, since they highlight the noteworthy details of your product's functionality.

Show Your Human Side

If there's been a long time since you posted something on your page, let your followers know exactly why. Don't be afraid of telling people you have been busy, working on new ideas for your business. A small preview of what's to come will keep your audience waiting for more, giving you more time to surprise them with something fabulous. Building suspense and setting a time-appropriate waiting period before revealing your surprise creates the excited expectation that will convert more people into buyers. If they think something great is coming up, they will be much more excited to try out the product, and you'll increase your overall sales.

Acknowledge Your Viewers

Facebook Live shows exactly who is joining the video and his location. So if someone opens your streaming, you'll be able to see their name and where they are from. Saying "hi" to these people or even making a short summary in a sentence of what's been discussed so far makes them more likely to stay. Conversely, saying "bye" to the people who decide they don't want to watch your video anymore can show you don't hold it against them, while also ensuring that the others will continue to follow your streaming. Otherwise, they might just decide to close the video too.

Facebook Live is a valuable instrument for social media marketing campaigns since it offers you different options to strengthen the bond between you and your brand community, while also acquiring new customers and increasing your brand awareness. If you take even just a few minutes each week to reach out to viewers, you can reap the benefits of the subsequent increase in brand recognition, consumer loyalty, and business profit.

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