Try to find one person who hasn't heard of Facebook. Go ahead, I'll wait... It probably won't happen.

Facebook has over 618 million daily active users! Among those users are many businesses using Facebook Pages. Social media has become almost a requirement in today's internet world. Businesses who choose not to take part in the Social experience are not only missing out on a great promotional tool, they may even be seen as "old" or "out-of-date".

The core problem with Facebook pages is the way it delivers information to your "Friends"/Customers. With the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, your data is "pushed" further down the page as you post more information. Sure it allows you to pin some posts to the top, but over time your Timeline can become cluttered with pinned posts and redundancy.

So how can you keep your Facebook page up-to-date, unique & get your customers to the information you want them to see? Introducing SocialBackend!

SocialBackend lets you:
  • Quickly get a custom Facebook page up and running and save time by easily editing your content via a simple web interface.
  • Get more "Likes" for your Facebook page. Users will "Like" your page to access your great deals!
  • Stand out from the crowd! Today there are tons of Facebook pages. Use SocialBackend to stand out!

Here is a quick list of the features you will find with SocialBackend.

Custom Content Page
Put any content you want to let your fans and friends know about! You tell them about your company, organization, group or cause. Let them know about upcoming events, promotions or contests. Want to show a full graphic image instead of text? No problem! You can upload an image to get your message across! The possibilities are endless!

'Like' To See Our Deals
Now you can offer your latest deals to your friends and fans. Best of all you can grow the number of friends and fans you have by requiring Facebook users to "like" you before they are allowed to see any deals you have!

Let Your "Flock" Hear You Tweet
Do you have a Twitter account? If so you know it can be a pain to try to keep all social networks up-to-date. With SocialBackend you can now list your latest "tweets" right on your Facebook page. Also people can choose to "follow" you without leaving Facebook!

Really Let Your Fans Contact You
With SocialBackend your friends and fans can now contact you easier then ever before! SocialBackend adds both a map of your location and a contact form right to your Facebook page. No more leaving Facebook just to send you an email!

Use Promotions To Capture Emails
With the promotions feature you can let users register for promotions you are having. The registration for captures email, name, address, age and more!

As you can see SocialBackend has a lot of features that will make you stand out in a crowded Social world.

You can learn more about SocialBackend or get started with SocialBackend by clicking this link:

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