Many people think that paid ads don't work anymore and have been replaced by social media marketing. In reality, paid ads still work, and they are probably one of the most effective ways to promote your business and attract new targeted customers. If you don't want to end up like an average company with difficulty attracting new leads and closing deals, you need to start using paid ads.

Benefits of Paid Ads

If you're considering creating your first ad campaign, you should know that there are many great benefits associated with this kind of digital marketing. Consider embracing paid ads for these reasons:

Reach Your Target Audience

To succeed on the internet, you need to reach your target audience. This includes placing your ads where they will be seen by the people who are most likely to become your customers. Paid ads enable you to do just that since it allows you to place your ads on specific websites and apps.

For instance, if you supply farm machines, placing your ads on a farmers' group on Facebook will likely yield better results than putting your ads all over the internet.

Cut Your Marketing Budget

Another reason why paid ads are beneficial is that they allow you to save on other marketing expenses like:

Printing and distributing business cards - With a website and the help of digital advertising, you can use an email address that you can redirect to your company's website.

Spending for outdoor billboards - This form of advertisement is only suitable if you are marketing locally-based products. However, you can have your products reach people far and wide, even outside the local area, with paid ads.

Boost Your Ranking, Sales, and Customer Retention

The higher you rank in search engines such as Google or Bing, the more likely people will find you online. Paid ads allow you to supercharge your organic ranking so that every time someone searches for keywords relevant to your business, your website is displayed in the top five locations.

In addition to this, paid ads also allow you to generate leads from various online campaigns that you can then use to increase sales and retain customers. For instance, if more clicks come from a specific location, you can give more attention to that region in your marketing.

Small Investments Can Yield a Big ROI

Paid ads don't have to be expensive, which is why they can be very beneficial for small businesses and startups. For example, if you set up a Facebook page and create a small ad campaign to promote your page, you can reach many people for a few dollars.

You have the potential to earn a good return on investment because not a lot of money is needed to create a campaign. As long as you're willing to invest time and energy into creating ads that stand out from the rest, you can start reaping the benefits of digital marketing and potentially make it a major part of your overall business strategy.

With Paid Ads, You Can Easily Track Your ROI

If you have a limited marketing budget, you must know what return on investment you're getting from your advertising campaigns. In most cases, digital marketers can easily track all the necessary information and data to measure ROI.

Not only does paid search provide you with the ability to track users searching for different keywords, but it also allows you to see which ads are performing the best. The insight gleaned from this information will prove invaluable as you make changes and

Some helpful tools to help with this include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Reporting, or Twitter Analytics. You don't need to be an expert in digital marketing, but if you have a working knowledge of what these tools do and how to use them, you can make the most out of your advertising budget.

Multiple Advertising Platforms

If you want an all-rounded campaign for your startup, it's advisable to stretch your ads across several platforms. This allows you to give it maximum exposure and increases your chances of appearing on the feeds of users actively looking for something similar.

You can use paid ads on various social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms are effective because they allow you to target audiences by location, gender, interests, and even specific pathways they took on the internet. You can also test your ads or use retargeting campaigns to make the most out of them.

How to Measure Success with Paid Advertising

To get the most value from your paid advertising, you need to set goals and track performance. For example:

· How much revenue do you want to generate every month?

· What products or services are converting the most?

· How many new customers have you gained from your advertising campaign?

You can determine and track your results by using ad tracking software, which enables you to record the number of clicks on your ad, where they came from, and even measure conversion rates. Ad tracking software can also help you quantify the value of new customers acquired via paid advertising.

There are free and paid-for software available, but here are a few suggestions for free tracking software:

· Google Analytics

· Piwik (now Matomo)

With these tools, you can start to determine which markets within your niche are generating the best ROI.

Avoid the Pitfalls with Your Ad Campaign

If you're new to paid ads, you can learn a lot from your ad campaigns. But there are pitfalls to avoid:

· Don't get carried away by the initial excitement and continuous advertising without checking results and managing funds. Some ads require further tweaking before you see any significant return.

· Don't stop advertising too soon once the sales slow down. Let your ads run for a while, then compare them with others that haven't been running as long. Sometimes it is better to turn off the ad that is getting more clicks but converting them to sales at a lower rate.

· Make sure you know what your competition is doing but don't follow blindly because they are the market leaders. Try different ads with similar themes but slightly different approaches to see which ones work best for your product or service.

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