Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms have become an influential and vital virtual space not only used for social networking but also offer an excellent way to digitally market products and brands. The power of social media is commendable as brands and individuals alike get to reach a broad audience within a few seconds of posting an ad. This helps cut marketing costs without compromising your chances of reaching your target audience through social media advertisements.

A recent Statista report suggests that 59 percent of the global population is using social media networks. For this reason, marketers must not miss out on their marketing opportunities on these digital platforms where they can easily reach the maximum number of potential clients compared to television and print media marketing.

It’s important to mention that the success of using social media in advertising depends on meeting the ultimate organizational goals. Social networks can bring outstanding business growth results, but the real potential of these networks is underestimated because of an irregular pattern of consumer behavior. By saying this, I am trying to quote a client who purchased directly on your brand’s website isn’t accounted for the success of social networks. Here is the role of social media marketing as part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Reach your target audience

The total number of individuals who see your content is known as “reach.” The ability to reach a wide, relevant audience is essential for any business, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As an entrepreneur or a business manager, having a good client base is very important.

You can still use traditional marketing approaches such as references, contacts, and networking to find new clients. However, social media marketing has made the entire process of reaching both existing and potential customers easier. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks allow brands to reach the target consumers with simple automation and minimal cost.

Higher website traffic

Social media marketing can help drive relevant traffic to your business website. The term traffic refers to visitors landing on your site through different digital platforms like social networks, Google, and more. Currently, social media is the second-highest potential online traffic channel after organic traffic from Google.

Business organizations are facing growing competition in placing themselves on the top search engine results pages with a keyword search. Since social media is considered to be one of the top traffic contributors, implementing a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy is a sure way of driving online traffic for your website.

Boost client engagement

Reaching a broad audience and having good website traffic numbers are of no value if you fail to engage your target customers. I call such a strategy as Much Ado About Nothing. So, any video, post, or ad on social media should add value to your target audience. The message should be short, easy to understand, and aligned with your business goals.

Most importantly, the message should be visually impressive. Keep in mind that your clients will always be your level two marketers for any good content, particularly if they like it and share it with their peers. So, client engagement plays a crucial role in social media marketing for any organization, whether business or not-for-profit organizations.

Brand awareness & brand promotion

To attract a large customer base, it’s essential to create brand awareness first where your potential clients are aware of your brand. This can only be achieved through creating highly creative and visually appealing content that can catch the attention of your target clients, making them aware of your brand’s existence.

That’s not all that is required to create brand awareness. You must remind your target customer that your brand exists repeatedly. You can achieve this through a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy and content marketing campaigns that will successfully imprint your brand name and its offerings on the customers using the social media channels you choose to advertise on.

Once you have made your target consumers aware of your brand and created the brand image you desire, you will realize that your target customers are relating to your brand or its content more often. This will increase engagement rates on social media and create more opportunities for potential clients to become real and loyal buyers.

In addition to creating brand awareness, social media is also a powerful tool to promote your brand and products or services. Promotion of products on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook is much easier in the digital space, where you simply put up professionals photos of your product, description and let your target audience engage under these photos or albums.


You have probably seen many examples of remarketing. A post could make an unsuccessful purchase on shopping apps, but if the same product appears in an ad on social media networks, the results may differ. This type of remarketing and social media is playing a key role in the overall strategy of remarketing brands or products.

As mentioned earlier, client engagement plays a crucial role in business growth. Also, it means that the client is considering your brand as an excellent option to fulfill their objective.

Enrich client experience

Another role of social media in marketing is to enrich the client journey. So, how does this happen? Well, making a client complete the purchase journey is an appreciable task. However, winning a client requires you to be smarter than your competitors’ marketers. One of achieving this is to let your target customers experience your brand. Social media blogs and social media webinars define new social marketing standards for marketers and helping brands achieve true enrichment of their client experience.


Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool only if entrepreneurs, marketers, and business managers can use it to the fullest. If you are ready to start reaping the benefits of social media marketing, schedule a consultation call with the Emagine team. We have the expertise to create and implement an effective social media strategy for your brand.

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