Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you email marketing is dead. It has never gone anywhere and, if anything, it’s as effective as ever. That’s because so many people continue to use email as a go-to method of communication, even with the rise of many social media platforms.

If your business doesn’t have an email newsletter or email marketing strategy, then you could be missing out on an effective method of reaching new and returning customers.

Not convinced? Consider for a moment that people send 102.6 trillion emails every year, according to OptinMonster. That number is only expected to increase - to 126.7 trillion by 2022, to be exact.

Those aren’t all junk or spam messages, either. Many people carefully curate their email inbox to include only the information they want to see. Today, most email providers rely on technology to help email users do this for them, too.

That means customers who let your email messaging reach their inbox truly value what you have to say. They want to hear from you. So why not take advantage of it?

Here’s a deeper look at why your business needs email marketing and newsletters.

Email is used by a broad age range

Unlike some forms of electronic communication, email use is far less dependent on age. In fact, here is a breakdown of email usage by age from 2017, per OptinMonster:

  • Ages 15-24, 91% use email
  • Ages 25-44, 93.4% use email
  • Ages 45-64, 90.5% use email
  • Ages 65-plus, 85.5% use email

As you can see, if your business targets a certain age range more often than others, then email is a perfect method to incorporate into your communication and marketing strategy.

People pay attention to their email inbox

If someone uses email, then chances are pretty high that they spend a significant time reading what lands in their inbox. According to Convince and Convert, people actually spend 2.5 hours per day checking emails - while at work. When it comes to work-related email, that time spent only increases.

Why wouldn’t your business try to earn some of that attention with an email newsletter or email marketing campaign? It probably should be.

People may crave your email content

Start asking for customers’ email addresses. This can be done through an online sign-up form or through a more in-person approach. Either way, if customers are sharing their email addresses with you, then that is permission for you to contact them.

Once people begin to share their email addresses with you, then they will expect to receive an email newsletter or some type of marketing content from you. As long as you deliver great content that informs more than sells - yet still includes a clear call to action - then you won’t disappoint your recipients on the other end.

Remember: Your customers want to hear from you. Email is an effective method of delivering information about your brand and business to customers.

Emails drive sales, especially among younger generations

A well-crafted email serves as a reminder to the recipients to make a purchase or interact with your brand. Great emails always contain calls to action and maybe a coupon code that can lead to sales and real results that benefit your business.

This is especially true for millennials. A 2017 report from Fluent found that 68% of millennials claim promotional emails have influenced purchase decisions. That outperformed other electronic marketing channels, including text messages and banner ads on websites.

Email newsletters are also effective drivers of traffic to business websites, too. Use emails to remind customers of your brand. This strategy is much cheaper than other marketing and advertising methods, too.

Email marketing complements social media marketing

Email marketing can help increase your business’s social media reach. Salesforce dove into this fact and found that emails that include social sharing buttons have a 158 percent higher click-through rate.

By including information on where your customers can find you on social media, you can easily make sure everyone on your email list has the opportunity to also engage with your content on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Email messages are easily personalized

Fluent also discovered that an email campaign that is more highly personalized is much more likely to lead to a sale. With today’s automation and audience segmentation advances, it has never been easier to learn more about customers through email and then use that information to add a more personal touch to your approach.

People appreciate this level of personalization because it ensures they are given content that is more relevant to them. Once study found that 55% of customers said they enjoyed email messages when the content in the email matched their specific preferences.

It is very simple to automate personalized greetings, reminders and thank yous. If you are gathering other information, such as their jobs, industry and location, then you can also start tailoring emails to them based on that data. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for this information when they sign up for your email list, either.

A little more info about who you are working with can go a long way down the road toward creating a more enjoyable experience with your brand.

Get started with newsletters and email marketing

As technology and communication strategies for businesses have begun to shift over the years, email marketing has remained a popular and effective method of reaching customers. The team at Emagine can work with you to create an email marketing strategy for your business that fits your brand, including its voice and unique style, and generates an email database of customers - both current and potential.

Our team can also help you analyze the behavior of the people who receive your email newsletters and other messages, addressing their specific needs and helping you improve their experience with your brand. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your business’s customers with a personalized touch that can be easily measured and fine-tuned for optimal results.

Contact Emagine today to talk about how we can help your business develop a successful email marketing strategy that drives results.

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