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The key to creating a successful brand is to create value for your customers. The more they grow to depend on you, the more loyal they will be. With a sound content marketing strategy, you can drive meaningful traffic to your website and convert a larger percentage of them into paying customers, who not only spend money, but spread the word about your business. Let our expert team of content creators help you serve your audience better.

Who Needs Content Marketing Strategy?

Spoiler alert: everyone needs it! No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re in, you need a sound content strategy to attract customers. You cannot create content or build a brand without taking intentional steps that assure what you create is in line with what your customers need.

What’s Your Story?

This is the backbone of all content creation. You want your audience to know who you are and why you’re in business. When customers resonate with your core values they are more likely to purchase from you. As you build your brand’s reputation, that story either supports your sales goals or hinders them.

Wherever you are on the life cycle of your business – brand new start-up, well-oiled machine of a company, or anything in between – you must connect with your audience. They want to know your story and why they should trust you over your competitors. The content you create – blogs, demos, reviews, etc. – go a long way in helping your potential customers shape their opinion of your brand.

Shape the way people think about your company. Be the author of your own story. We’re here to help you share your voice with your customers so you can provide better service for them. Instill brand loyalty and attract new followers by keeping your website updated with timely and highly valuable content.

“ Websites with blogs receive 97% more backlinks ”

Why Content Marketing Matters

There is no substitution for quality. When your potential customer is browsing for some specific help and your site pops up with valuable information, you’ve begun a meaningful relationship that hopefully will lead to increased business for you. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely that customer will click on your site and learn all the things your business has to offer him or her.

But, if in their search, they find outdated, irrelevant, or poorly-conceived content, they will associate your business with other low-quality sites. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression on a would-be customer. Make the most of it with sharp, focused content that utilizes the best SEO strategy and is geared toward answering your customers’ questions before they even ask them.

People aren’t necessarily looking to make a purchase every time they browse the web or seek out your website in particular. The key is creating a site that encourages those who find it to come back again and again. Establishing long term value requires you to design your website in a way that not only deals with the specific searches your customers’ run but also anticipates their future needs.

All other elements of search engine optimization lead back to content marketing. Without top quality content, there is nothing to optimize.

Content marketing creates a trust loop between you and your customers. As you produce articles, blogs, and other content that helps them, they come to look at your site as an expert source. That encourages them to visit more frequently, increasing your search engine visibility and making you more of a trusted source for new customers.

With a thoughtful approach to building content, you’ll notice gains in your brand credibility and web traffic. People will spend more time on your site as they click your internal links, driving them from value to value.

People need answers. Content marketing is the key to providing them.

The Emagine Edge

By now it’s clear that you can’t just stumble into making valuable content. There needs to be a plan in place with careful follow-up to gauge results, adjust on the fly, and manage the process. That’s where we come in.

Emagine can help you tell your brand story with clarity and focus. Get your voice heard so your target audience can find you. Position yourself as an expert and industry leader and your customers will seek out your advice as well as your products.

We’ve developed an excellent reputation for helping businesses grow because we treat each one of our clients as if they’re special. And they are. No other company will have the same background or value system as yours, so you can’t rely on a cookie cutter approach to marketing and expect unique results.

Only through our careful and personal approach can we help pick the best topics for blog posts and other web copy. We’ll devise a plan with you that features your products and services but also leverages the knowledge you’ve acquired in creating your business to inform and engage your audience. When people visit your site, they should have a great experience on every page.

Show your customers that you’re the leader in your field. Provide great content and watch your business grow!

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