Remove the Static from Your Site!

Websites with old content get left behind in today’s fast-paced world. If your site is static, it will hurt the credibility of your business. Give your website (and your company) an update. With our custom programming we’re able to change your static site content and make it dynamic.

Get Your Brand Voice Heard Above the Noise

When you created your business, you more than likely did your due diligence and researched other companies in your field. But you didn’t stop there. You thought about how your business is unique and what you’d need to do to leverage that for your long-term success. No one previous example fit your situation so perfectly that it made sense for you to just duplicate those efforts.

Differentiation is the key to success. How you stand out from the crowd determines whether your company is a success or mediocrity at best. Make sure your online presence matches your commitment to establishing your unique brand voice and position in the market.

But how do you create an experience for your potential customers that sets your brand apart in their minds? Your website is either one of the best tools in your arsenal or one of your biggest liabilities for this.

“ EMPOWER customizes your site to your business needs ”

Why Custom Programming Matters for Your Business

Your business is constantly changing and improving. You need a website as dynamic as your company. It’s crucial that your site is personalized to the unique needs of your company and its customers.

With custom programming, we can create web applications that are specific to your company. Whether you are looking to replace a current desktop software solution, or create an entirely new web-based product, we can help you through every step of the process.

You can find many software solutions available on the internet today. However, to find one that meets every requirement that you need is rare. It’s virtually impossible for software developers to anticipate how to help you completely if they don’t know who you are as a company.

As a result, they create solutions trying to please every possible user and their needs. This adds multiple needless functionalities and clutters the system, causing a slower product and a more confusing interface for its users.

Invest in your business wisely. While it might seem like an added expense to opt for custom programming, it’s vital to your success. Cookie cutter applications are not real solutions.

Don’t sacrifice your competitive advantage by trying to force your operations to conform to a prefabricated system. By having your product customized for you, you can be certain that it will meet all of your expectations.

We are happy to develop custom programming that puts your business on top!


In the past you had to have some technical knowledge to be able to update your web site. Otherwise, you had to spend big bucks on software that let you edit your site using a point and click interface. Well, say goodbye to all of that. With our custom written CMS (content management system) EMPOWER, if you can send an email, you can update your own site.

Some of the features of EMPOWER are:

  • Advertisements
  • Agenda & Minutes
  • Contact Forms
  • Data Tables
  • Email Capture
  • Events
  • File Management
  • Links
  • Listings
  • Members
  • Obituaries
  • Photo Gallery
  • Polls
  • Posts/Blog
  • Press Media
  • Videos

We are always updating EMPOWER to make it the best solution for your web site. However your company’s needs shift, EMPOWER will be behind you, supporting you with valuable applications.

The Custom in “Customer”

How do your customers experience your brand? How easy and intuitive is their interaction with your website? Has it been designed to answer all their questions and steer them toward your products or services in a meaningful way?

As you develop your site, your customers must be the first thing on your mind. Chances are strong that you’re not the only business in your chosen field. But you can be the best in your field by perfecting the user experience.

Custom programming helps each person who interacts with your brand feel more connected to it. You choose the strengths you want to showcase, and we develop your site to make those strengths prominent and functional.

Your customers will enjoy this benefit even when they aren’t aware of it. Our goal with EMPOWER is to make their browsing experience so seamless that their only focus is on your products. The less time your customers spend frustrated by a clunky site while searching for new or timely information, the more likely they’ll spend money.

We’re Your One-Stop Solution

We understand customization better than most. In fact, it is one of the core values of how we run our company. We treat each of our clients as individuals, recognizing that you have specific needs and objectives.

We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we get to know your business and your brand voice so that we can infuse every element of your online presence with it. Custom programming is an extension of that commitment. We want your website to run smoothly and give each of your customers a premium experience.

Emagine is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of your website, from design to optimization to customization. We are your one stop shop for improving your site’s traffic, generating better leads, and converting more sales.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us as (712) 262-6674.

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