The Inbox is Still In!

Even as technology and communication evolve rapidly all around us, email remains a tried and true method of connecting with your customers. It’s both personal and customizable in a way that other forms of marketing cannot duplicate. Our team will help you develop a brand-specific strategy that grows your email database, learns from their behavior, and addresses their specific needs, so you can communicate most effectively with them.

The Power of Email

When customers willingly give you their email address, they’re signaling their interest in your products and services and inviting you to follow up with them. This is your best source of potential customers. Creating a meaningful relationship with them will not only trigger one-time sales but foster repeat patronage and word of mouth referrals.

But simply having a large email list isn’t enough to really give you a competitive advantage. You need to understand the value they seek from your company. That requires carefully getting to know your customers. What are they buying? What on your website triggers the most engagement from them? And how can you keep their attention over the long haul?

If this seems like detailed work, it is. But fortunately for you, it’s one of our specialties. Emagine will analyze and optimize your email marketing so you can reap the benefits. And there are many.

“ $1 spent on email marketing averages a $40 ROI ”

Why is email marketing so important?

Cost Effective

Email offers among the highest ROI of any marketing pathways, providing nearly $40 for every $1 spent on average. TV, print, and other forms of advertising can be quite expensive and don’t offer any specific guarantee of effectiveness.

There’s a lot more guesswork involved in figuring out where your target audience is and how to reach them at the right time. Email marketing, by contrast, costs relatively little to set up and puts your campaign directly in front of its desired audience.

Regardless of your company’s budget, email marketing will help you maximize your efforts. Because your outreach is largely to consumers already interested in your brand, your conversion rates will improve.

Easy Automation

Few elements of your digital marketing strategy can be automated as easily and effectively as email. You can set up a timely system of responses to your customers that will make them feel a greater sense of personal connection to your company.

Receiving relevant email that answers questions or provides desired follow-up builds trust and shows that your company functions at a high level. It can also persuade a customer who was on the fence about making a purchase to complete their transaction.

With so many great email automation tools at our disposal we can help you create a system that eventually runs itself and generates more sales for you.

Improve Response Rates with Personalization

Your customers want to feel special, like their needs matter to you. If your advertising feels generic, they will be less inclined to seek out your services.

Email marketing offers your company a great opportunity to personalize its outreach. Using the information your customers provide you can address their concerns specifically. This goes way beyond adding their first or last name to your email subject (although even that step alone will improve your clickthrough rates).

Show your customers that you’re listening with tailored email campaigns.

Measure Campaign Success with Easy Data Testing

One of the truly great features of email is that it provides easy to analyze data sets about the effectiveness of your marketing. Get accurate information about who is opening your messages, if they clicked any links, whose address bounced back, who unsubscribed after opening, and which keywords and phrases made positive results more likely.

Tracking this information is vital to your business’s success. Analytics should be the backbone of your marketing. And there is no easier marketing tool in your arsenal to analyze and perfect than your email campaigns.

Reach Customers on their Mobile Devices

With billions of people surfing the web on their smartphones, all your outreach and content needs to be optimized for mobile consumption. Your email marketing campaign is a great place to start.

As a tactic, email lends itself to the increasingly mobile world because your customers can engage with your brand on their schedule. Think about how many times a day you check you phone, scrolling through email and the like.

Your customers are no different. And every time they check their inbox is another opportunity for your company to connect with them and add value to their lives. Design responsive campaigns that keep their attention and your subscribers will seek out your products and services.

How Can Emagine Help?

Clearly there’s much your business can gain from implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy. But setting it up and maintaining it can stretch your staff thin, especially if you’re a small business with a lot on your plate.

At Emagine, we pride ourselves on providing solutions for companies in various industries. Our team will work side by side with you to ascertain your needs and develop a customized email marketing strategy for your company.

From creating funnels that incentivize your target audience to give you their contact information through in-depth data testing to get the highest engagement rates on your campaigns, we will oversee your entire process.

We’re able to do this because we take the time to get to know each of our clients. Understanding your business helps us understand how to help you. Our goal is to convey your company’s core values, so the right customers can find you.

Our email marketing efforts seamlessly tie into our web design and content management processes. We can help your company develop a unified online presence. Your customers will appreciate the continuity and you’ll see improved results.

Take Email Marketing to the Next Level

Grab your customers’ attention and keep it! Move them from curiosity to brand loyalty. Take your marketing to the next level with fully automated email campaigns expertly designed to convert leads to sales.

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