How do I change my email password?

Web Mail can be used to change the login password for all of the following services:
  - Web Mail
  - IMAP
  - POP
  - SMTP

To change the user login password via Web Mail:
  1. Login to Web Mail.
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Choose Password.
  4. Enter your Old Password - This is the password used in the first step.
  5. Choose a New Password - Please review this password page to conform to our policy. It cannot be the same as the Old Password. (We recommend to read this as well to ensure a secure password.)
  6. Re-enter New Password - Re-type the password used in the previous step to verify that it is correct.
  7. For New Password Question, enter a unique question that only you know the answer to. This question will be asked when a password reset is requested.
  8. For New Password Answer, enter the answer to the question entered in the previous step. This answer will be required when a password reset is requested. (Note that the Password Answer is case sensitive.)
  9. Choose Save.