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Why are people searching for your business? What are they looking for when they stumble across your page? Getting found on Google searches is the lifeblood of any company’s web presence. We will help make sure that your business ranks highly for relevant search terms, helping you reach the people who want what you’re offering.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an essential function of SEO that involves identifying popular words and phrases that people search for in Google and other platforms. Researchers analyze that data to figure out the most effective words to target for your business to rank for. They look to understand both how high the demand is for certain keywords as well as how difficult it would be to compete for those terms in organic searches. From there they can develop a strategy to guide your business’s optimization efforts.

Keyword research is a backbone of your entire content marketing strategy. Understanding what people are looking for and how to capitalize on that must guide your company’s content creation and SEO strategy. In order to create engaging content that converts to sales, you need to know your place within your industry and in the minds of your potential customers.

Understanding keyword research is about understanding how people use language to find what they want. Being able to anticipate what your customers want and how they go about trying to find it will give you a major advantage over your competitors. The greater your mastery of this, the more you can drive visitors directly to your site.

Write better blog posts that answer specific questions most relevant to your audience. Develop dynamic webpages that address your customers’ needs as specifically as possible. Keep your site up-to-date with the newest words and phrases that your audience is already using. Discover new keyword suggestions that you haven’t thought of yet but would be perfect for future engagement on your site. Through keyword research, all this is not only possible, it’s plannable.

“ Over 6 billion searches are processed each day on Google ”

Setting Your Brand Apart

Keyword research is not a one-off process. It should be a regular part of your site maintenance. Your customers’ needs change over time, and new searches and keywords are created regularly. If you don’t stay on top of the latest search trends, you are losing ground to your competitors.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Identifying your brand’s core values and specialties paves the way for success. Just as you took the time to develop this strategy when creating your business, your online presence must mirror these values.

Does your site feature well-written, intentional content that drives the customer to purchase your products and services? Does it make clear how you’re different from your competition? Is it organized in a way that anticipates what your customers will need and provides that valuable information without them jumping through hoops to find it?

The success of your business is directly tied to the authority you establish with your target audience. Keyword research will help you create a roadmap for delivering great content every time and setting your brand apart.

What We Do

At Emagine, we understand the importance of your website to your business. And we’ve developed core strategies to take your online presence to the next level. Our SEO team will provide in-depth analysis of your site and help you devise a winning strategy to rank highly in organic searches.

Why choose a company like ours over an automated program? It’s simple: we provide excellent results because we get to know your business better than any program can. Our goal is to understand how your company functions and what your vision is for its future. We know that you have a big picture in mind, and we want to support you in that by creating effective solutions to all your web needs.

The only way for us to do that is by spending time doing research and communicating directly with you, partnering with you to create the most effective online persona for your brand. As we learn what matters most to you, we put our years of expertise and creative thinking to work on your behalf.

Keyword research is a major part of this process. Our analysts will take specific steps to help you execute a powerful keyword strategy, so you get found for terms that matter to you. Some of the steps we take to accomplish this are:

Identify Core Keywords

What phrases do you want to be discovered for? There are some that are obvious based on the nature of your business, but our team will help you determine the keywords that are most important to your company based on your goals and knowledge of the industry.

For most businesses, there are about 5-10 topics that are most relevant. Understanding your core keywords will help shape the rest of your content development strategy as well as ascertain how you compare to your competitors for the same phrases.

Know Your Competition

See how your competitors are ranking for the keywords that matter most to you. Understanding what works well for them (and, likewise, what isn’t working) will help you create your own strategy.

We will compare your core keywords to those of your competitors and look for ways to improve on what they’re doing well and avoid the mistakes they’re making.

Develop Effective Main Terms and Long-Tail Keywords

Main terms are short, fairly generic keywords whereas long-tail keywords are usually over three words in length and more specific in nature. Creating the right mix of both is crucial in improving your site’s SEO rankings. Each are important but play different roles in getting your business noticed.

Main terms help establish brand identity. This is what you’re known for. Long-tail keywords tend to convert better because they have more potential in catching people ready to purchase. A main term like “content marketing” is probably used by someone just browsing the web. But a long-tail phrase like “best content marketing company” is most likely used by someone looking to hire help building their brand. We will work with you to develop the right balance of both of these, so people can get what they need from your site every time.

Find Related Search Terms

Even after you’ve spent time finding the keywords you want to rank for, there may be others you haven’t considered that you should. We’ll make sure you’re aware of related terms and alternate phrases that might boost your online presence. As new ideas emerge, you’ll be equipped with even more tools to get your brand noticed.

Keyword Research is Just the Beginning

Knowing the right keywords to use is crucial but implementing them properly to drive your SEO strategy takes skill and planning. We understand the process from beginning to end and will help you apply your keyword research to all the content you create.

By leveraging the power of internal and external links; image optimization; and keyword placement in post titles, meta descriptions, and body content, we will drive more traffic to your site and help you convert more sales.

Keyword research is an ongoing process. Our dedicated team will take the hassle and guesswork out of it by creating a regular schedule to check your progress and recalibrating our approach as necessary to keep you ahead of the game. Rank highly every time. We understand the trends and changes in SEO, so you don’t have to. And we employ the greatest minds and software at our disposal, so you can focus on running your business.

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