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If your business has a physical address, chances are very high your most important customers are nearby. Your website needs to be optimized to attract those customers to your location and build a reputation of excellence within your community. Local SEO services are the key to this. Emagine can help gain valuable local traffic and improve your brand’s recognition where you are.

What is Local SEO?

People run web searches for what they’re looking for in the moment. They want relevant information delivered quickly. If, for example, a would-be customer in Iowa searches for “pepperoni pizza” on their phone, reviews for the best pizza place in New York City aren’t helpful at all.

Local SEO is the reason when that customer types in “pepperoni pizza” they get search results for the pizza places closest to them. It is the process by which pages are optimized to appear where they should in front of the people who need them most. If your website isn’t utilizing local SEO, you are leaving valuable business for your competitors to grab.

You must appear on the first page of Google searches or your customers will struggle to find you. The days of flipping through the Yellow Pages to find what you need are over. Determining the right keywords, topics, and search phrases that are most relevant to your customers and then using them to optimize your page will bring you increased traffic and generate new leads.

“ 50% of local search users visit the location within 24 hours ”

The Power of Mobile Searches

Over half of all web searches happen on either smartphones or tablets. The world is increasingly mobile, and this must factor heavily into your SEO marketing strategy. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile browsing, your business will suffer.

When people search the internet on their mobile devices, they often have local intent. Your customers are looking for information about what’s immediately around them. As they enter a new part of town or visit a friend, they search for recommendations and reviews on all kinds of products and services from where to buy gas to where to eat lunch.

The overwhelming majority of all smartphone owners use their device to find local information and many of them take follow-up action after browsing. These consumers are a major source of potential business if you can reach them.

How Emagine Helps You Get Found

We understand the importance of local SEO strategy and our team will make sure your website is designed for success. We will work with you to create a relevant browsing experience that answers your customers’ questions and ensures your site appears highly in searches.

Creating Google MyBusiness and Social Media Profiles

To bring traffic to your website, you properly set up profiles on Google and social media. This is how many of your customers will find you and you can assure your business’s information is up to date and relevant to the people looking for it.

Google MyBusiness is a free and indispensable tool in making the most of local SEO. We will set up your Google MyBusiness page with the correct contact information, location, and hours, so you appear highly in Google searches and on Google maps.

Likewise, many of your customers will turn to your Facebook page to learn more about you and engage with your business. Don’t neglect your social media presence when thinking about local customers. You can respond in real time to their needs and help share your brand story all while driving traffic back to your website and generating leads. Our social media marketing team can help you optimize your Facebook profile and boost your business.

Developing Content that Matters to Your Neighbors

Getting to know your business is our top priority. As we understand your goals and position within your industry, we will help determine the most effective keywords and search phrases then assure they are properly placed throughout your site.

It all begins with our personal approach and commitment to representing your brand the way you want it. Using this information, we’ll optimize your website, so Google understands the content it contains and points the best-matched customers to you.

We will help you anticipate the information that’s relevant for your local customers and develop content that matches. From your blog posts to your contact page, each section of your website will work to support the goal of driving local business your way.

Building Quality Links

We also help build links back to your site, helping establish brand authority. The more quality links your site has, the higher it will rank in Google searches. Each of these links is like a vote of support in the eyes of search engines. As your site gains more and more trust, users will find it even easier. It’s an important and self-fulfilling cycle.

Not all links are equal though, so we focus on getting links from trusted sources that prevent your site from looking like spam. We target local, industry specific blogs and directories as well as your social media profiles to create meaningful links and increase your visibility. Because we’ve gotten to know your business and objectives, we can formulate a custom game plan to get your site the attention it needs.

Gaining Positive Reviews

An often overlooked but incredibly important component of local SEO strategy, reviews go a long way in determining how customers view your business. Positive feedback on Yelp, Google Business, and Facebook can be the difference between a customer choosing you or a different company. Especially in the competitive local landscape, you must make sure your business stands out for the right reasons, and having informative testimonials shows new customers that you deserve their patronage.

Search engines place emphasis on the number of quality reviews a site has. We will set up your Yelp and Facebook pages for you, so you’re ready to receive positive reviews. We will also help you create content that encourages your satisfied customers to leave feedback, showing their support in multiple ways.

Take Control Of Your Search Results

With a comprehensive approach, your company will become a prominent voice within your industry, well-positioned to support the needs of all your local customers as well as provide valuable information to them and the internet community at large.

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