Great Photos Sell...Period.

Stock photos might be fine if you just need a quick image; but showing clients who you are and what you stand for with individualized location and product shots gives them an opportunity to really get to know your company. Your brand’s best qualities should pop off the page. Our photography and design teams will make sure they do.

Why Photography and Design Matters

Let’s face it, people make snap decisions. In general, you have less than three seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention before they move onto the next thing.

Long before they read your story, they’ll have already formed an opinion about your company and its products based on how your site looks and the images on it. Too many stock photos and you run the risk of making your site looking generic and untrustworthy.

How can you stand out if you’re using the same images everyone else is using?

Poorly lit photos and low-res images make your website look amateurish and your products cheap. It signals to your potential customers that you don’t take pride in what you’re offering. So, what’s their motivation for wanting to spend money with you?

Photography and design matters quite a bit to the overall success of your business. Your photos should reflect the carefully crafted brand image you are actively developing. They should support your larger goals and make it easier for you to convey your message to the right audience.

Emagine prides itself on bringing out the unique features that make our customers special through photography and design. We’ll help you create stunning visuals that match your values. And because we’re your one stop shop to manage your entire web presence, you can be confident that your images will be seamlessly integrated.

Each project we work on has to say something visually. The only way to accomplish that is through great design and excellent imagery.

How are we so successful and achieving this?

We get the job done for our clients because we understand what converts sales and we have the creative expertise to deliver that message to your customers in a pleasing way. Our photography and design team is a major part of that equation. And by focusing on two main areas – on location and product photography – we deliver quality results.

“ Blog articles with images get 94% more views ”

On Location, On Brand

When people search your website, they want to get a real sense of who you are as a company. The quicker you establish trust with your visitors, the more likely they are to give you their contact information, continue learning about your brand, revisit when they exit, and purchase your goods or services.

On location shots allow you to be in your element. Your customers get a more intimate look at the inner workings that go into creating your brand. There’s no better way to show off your company culture and values than by allowing people to take a look for themselves.

We can help you capture the distinguishing qualities your customers need to know about. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. With a well-planned on location photo shoot you could:

  • Show your executive team shaping the vision during a meeting.
  • Shine a spotlight on your product developers who are normally behind the scenes as they work on their next innovation in a research lab.
  • Display the brand motto that hangs somewhere prominently in the workspace and inspires your team.
  • Develop visually appealing and highly relevant social media campaigns that perform well in local searches.
  • Turn your physical location into a marketing tool with images that show its convenience, unique design, or necessity in its area.
  • Highlight specific positional advantages you have over your competitors.
  • And more!

There are elements of your brand that cannot be captured on a green screen and certainly not by stock images available to anyone. Move beyond this point and give your company a better chance to set itself apart.

Product Shots that Produce

A good product with a bad photo will not make it into anyone’s shopping cart. If you want your customers to act, your product images need to pop.

Not only must they be visually appealing, they must maintain that visual integrity across all screens. Whether your customer is searching on their smartphone or laptop, your products must grab their attention or get lost in the shuffle.

Our photography and design team focuses on creating impactful product images so you can maximize your earning potential.

What makes our product photos stand out?

  • We only take high resolution photos with the best equipment, so your images always look their best.
  • Our attention to detail is flawless. We’ll help you figure out the best setting to showcase your product. From selecting the proper lighting to arranging the background images, we’ll frame your products so they grab attention.
  • Seamlessly merge your product photos with the rest of your site’s feel. We’ll get to know your business, so we can create a uniform message through your photos, video, and other content.

Your products won’t stand out by accident. Our photography and design team understand the creative and technical formula required to produce top level results.

Get the Visual Edge Over Your Competition

Take guesswork out of your photography. And save the amateur photos for your competitors (and your vacations). Gain a visual edge by allowing the Emagine design team to manage your company images.

We spend our time and energy developing an individualized plan for your company, so you can spend your time and energy creating products worth featuring.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us as (712) 262-6674.

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