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Search advertising puts you in front of your customers at the most relevant times. Get your brand found on meaningful search engine results and only pay for the traffic you convert. Many business owners overlook the value of search engine advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM). But smart decision makers understand their usefulness in allowing them to create more effective, better targeted ads. Gain a competitive edge within your industry and increase your brand’s visibility.

How Search Engine Marketing Can Transform Your Brand

With 6 billion search engine queries conducted each day, there are so many great and crucial opportunities to get your brand in your customer’s sight.

Search advertising is attractive because it's incredibly easy to get started. Creating an ad isn’t difficult, especially when you work with our team of experts who understand marketing from so many angles. We will also help you track your ads, keeping you in the know about how effective your campaign is and making appropriate changes to increase your success rate.

Using metrics to guide your ad spending is key to maximizing your results. Search engine marketing gives you a highly trackable tool in your customer outreach strategy that can be adjusted as quickly as necessary and customized to reach certain customers at specific times.

And because you only pay for clicks you receive, you don’t waste a lot of money on trial and error.

SEM is a strong tool to help you boost your brand recognition as well. When people continuously see your ads while they search a particular subject, they come to associate your brand with positive results. This familiarity reduces barriers they have about eventually clicking on your ad and browsing your site. Because you’ve created an entire plan for how to convert them once they click your site, this introduction is all you need to grow your business.

Consumers do not often venture beyond page 1 of Google searches. Creating relevant, captivating ads that match your potential customer’s queries will bring new traffic your way.

With standard search engine optimization practices, you have to set a strong foundation and remain persistent to get on the first page of Google. However, with search advertising, you can get on the first page incredibly quickly and this visibility is invaluable.

Increase your level of brand awareness and trustworthiness.

“ 46% of people can't identify paid ads on Google ”

Doing Your Due Diligence with Your Ads

Execution is everything with search advertising.

Placing the ad in the right search engine results page (SERP) is one thing, but you need to make sure that the ad itself is engaging.

Choosing the proper banner or graphic and crafting the most effective text doesn’t happen by accident and its importance should not be ignored. There’s an art and a science to designing ads that work. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to be an expert yourself to reap the benefits. Working with us at Emagine will take the guess work out of the process and replace it with years of creative and technical experience.

The Future is Bright

With AI and machine learning gaining traction, it’s clear that these methods of marketing will only continuously grow and improve. Google is set to grow its search advertising market share to approximately 80% by 2019, so it pays to get a foothold right now. By becoming familiar with this form of advertising right now, it will be much easier for you to adapt to these changes as they come about.

You will also have a comfort level with the technology by having access to our marketing professionals, since we make it our business to remain on the cutting edge. This means that you’ll have advocates that can assist you with the nuances of search advertising, so you can fine-tune your approach each step of the way.

We will open our toolbox to your company so that you have our expertise at your disposal and are able to put trust in the methods used.

PPC Opens Up a New World

With all the emphasis on reaching Google’s front page, it can’t be overstated that the most important key to the success of your company’s online presence is developing quality content. Google wants to provide its users with the info they’re actually seeking. That helps them stay as the most popular search engine.

This is why your marketing strategy needs to overlap with your content development strategy. And they both must be infused with your company’s core values.

Our first goal in working with any client is to get to know your business as if it were our own. This helps us provide the kind of customized advice necessary to develop a comprehensive winning strategy. Your search ads will work in tandem with your web and print design, content creation, social media, and sales pages. Every aspect of your business will be set up to work together and bring results.

There are no gimmicks to our results, just sound expertise informed by years of success. We will help you identify your target customer and reach him or her in a way that inspires action.

Let us help you increase your reach and drive new sales to your company with our search engine marketing strategies.

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