Search Engine Placement Matters

There are plenty of ways you can spend your marketing dollars to try to boost your business, but nothing is more important to your visibility than appearing on page one of Google search results. With more than 6 billion Google searches carried out every day, optimizing your website for online searches is a vital step to your success.

Why Sound SEO Practices Are Powerful

Think of quality web design and sound SEO strategy as the one-two punch that makes your site and your brand continuously get results. Getting an SEO consult paints the picture of where you need to start.

75% of people don’t click past the first page of Google results. When you’re not getting search engine rankings, it’s easy to fall behind the pack.

But you have a stark advantage over your competitors when you take the proper steps toward winning the search engine game. It’s simply easier for the public to find you when you appear on the first page Google. The old adage is true: out of sight, out of mind.

Optimizing your search engine rankings lets you bring in passive traffic rather than having to take hours out of your daily and weekly schedule to actively find customers. You’ll get far better conversion rates and a greater return on your investment.

“ In-house SEO can cost 80% more than outsourcing ”

Improving Your SEO Results

Everyone’s goal is to get their site onto the first page of Google search results. While this might not be immediately possible, you can set some benchmarks that will help you to reach this goal one step at a time.

During an SEO consultation, our professionals will take a good look at your site, your competitors, and your current results, so that we can implement strategies that are custom tailored to you. For instance, we’ll analyze keywords that increase your ranking potential. We will also give you an in-depth audit to pinpoint opportunities to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

We will take a hard look at your content to make sure that you’re providing the best value for your visitors. Our content marketing team is well-versed is spotting and developing engaging, informative, and lead-generating content. We will analyze your website and help you take your online presence to the next level.

Cut Through the Noise

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Today’s surefire strategy is tomorrow’s obsolete practice, so you need to stay ahead of the curve. Getting an SEO consult regularly will allow you to do just that, so that your brand doesn’t get lost in the noise of the web.

Even if you intend to manage your own SEO, consulting with an expert who stays on top of the latest trends and industry advancements will help assure you are operating effectively.

Make sure you’re using strategies that will help you cut through the noise.

Regularly auditing your SEO practices is vital whether you’re a large company trying to grow your market share, or a local company attempting to beat out competition.

For example, people that need plumbing work in your area will turn to Google first and will click on the first set of results that they find. If your plumbing business isn’t consistently among these first few results, you won’t have the competitive edge that will keep drawing in new customers.

A Focus on Results

Getting a consultation is one thing, but you need to be able to take action with the information that you receive. We will provide you with clear objectives that will help you improve your site’s ROI. You’ll get an overview of not only where you stand, but how you to put distance between you and your competition.

You will learn exactly how users are currently interacting with you online and what changes will be most valuable to your company. This will empower you to increase the value found on every page on your site, drive traffic from your blog to your sales page, and convert leads from your contact page. Connect with your audience in the most effective way possible when you take a deep dive into the way your website is performing.

The ability to pinpoint your weaknesses will allow you to quickly recover from any changes in Google algorithms and will help you maintain the edge to beat out your competitors. Performing regular site maintenance and auditing will keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds and search results.

Why Emagine is Your Best Bet

The best part about doing business with our company is that we are a one-stop shop for all of your search engine optimization and web marketing needs. Instead of piecing together a strategy, we will approach your project with an all-encompassing overview of your online goals and needs and create an approach that makes sense for your company.

One size does not fit all when it comes to optimizing our clients’ businesses. We recognize that every business is unique and we will help you bring life to your voice and brand in a way that connects you with your customers.

You’ll get more than just keywords – you’ll get a recognizable uptick in your traffic, more conversions on your leads, customized creative solutions that add to your brand appeal and an increase in sales.

Take a look at our work and see the companies that we’ve helped. We would love the opportunity to do the same for your business.

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