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You’ve probably jumped on Google looking for a specific product and encountered well-placed ads pointing you to competitively priced merchandise related to what you are searching for. Mastering shopping advertising can help you take advantage of this opportunity for visibility. Post your products strategically and gain access to the first page of Google. At Emagine, we have both the experience and personnel in place that can help you maximize your return on investment with your shopping advertising budget, as well as the rest of your marketing strategy. We will create compelling ads and place them properly to reach your target audience.

The Benefits of Shopping Advertising

Well-placed, timely shopping ads might just be the linchpin that grows your online presence and generates new revenue for your company. Reaching your customers as they are most interested in making purchases can give you an advantage over your competition that is waiting for people to click the “shop” page on their website.

You need to be on the forefront of your customers’ mind in every possible situation. They will come to associate your brand with having what they’re looking for directly and indirectly, helping you establish trust and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

“ Every 48-hours, 80% of Americans are shopping online ”

Visibility at a Value

Google front page visibility is crucial to your brand’s success. The drop off in traffic gained on page 2 of Google is drastic. Instead of relying only on search engine optimization to get you that visibility, you can spend your budget wisely to get the targeted ads that reap the biggest rewards.

Especially if you’re a small business, it’s incredibly important that you focus on shopping ads. These ads level the playing field between you and your larger competition. Consumers are less concerned about the size of your operation than they are the quality of your products.

Even better, this placement will appear alongside organic search results, so you don’t need to feel that you’re being invasive with your consumers. They want to see your products, unlike with other forms of advertising like on social media.

Shopping advertising takes much of the guesswork and effort out of trying to figure out how to reach your target audience. The natural result of this is achieving better conversion rates since your marketing is aligned with customers’ needs.

The data is clear when it comes to the success of shopping ads, since they yield a 26 percent greater rate of conversion than ads that are purely text-based. You will find that the transition to using these ads has a low learning curve. You can get in on the ground floor of these ads without having to be an expert, particularly when you lean on our advertising expertise.

Grow your outreach and build a great deal of familiarity with your consumers. Establishing this personal connection will help your brand exceed its targets. People that constantly see your shopping ads when searching for related products might not make a purchase today, but that brand familiarity will stick with them over the course of the next few impressions.

Your shopping ads have great potential to lead to both short term sales and long-term brand loyalty.

Nothing But The Best

When you work with Emagine, you get the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced support network. We will help you get the most from your shopping advertising while not spending all your precious time thinking about your strategy.

We do our homework and will help you to figure out which ads are the most productive for your business. We understand the techniques that will make you stand out when we employ our shopping ads.

Regardless of what sort of merchandise you deal in, you can grow your business by a great measure when you use shopping ads. Since we specialize in not only marketing, but also shopping cart platforms and conversions, you will be putting your company in a position to succeed by going the Emagine.

Our company understands what it takes to cut through the fog of the internet, until your brand stands out from the rest. Gaining this traction takes some time and effort, so utilizing the right form of advertising can go a long way toward getting you where you need to go. At Emagine, we will assist you in standing out from your competition in the same manner.

It all begins by gaining a keen understanding of your values and goals. We know that every company is different and so is our approach. We don’t believe in templates or cookie cutters (unless that’s what you sell).

Your ads will be both attractive and useful, so that you’re not wasting any time or effort when using them. A lot of businesses have called on us to provide for them in this regard, so you’ll be in good company by touching base with us and allowing us to handle your shopping advertising and any other marketing needs that you would like us to address.

Reach Your Target Audience

The difference between us and other companies are clear, and the results speak for themselves. Rather than only getting caught in certain niches, or doing businesses with specific companies, we work with professionals from all types industries. Don’t just take our word it. Read our testimonials and see for yourself.

No matter your needs, we are confident that we can address them with precision.

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