We Do Web Design Very…VERY Well

Your business is unique. Why wouldn’t your website be as well? With Emagine, it will be. We do not purchase any stock templates or designs! Our development process is straightforward. From start to finish, we take every step to ensure your final product not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Let us help you simplify the process of getting your website from concept to reality.

Why Web Design Matters

You’ve invested time and resources into carving a niche for yourself within your industry. Your products or services are well-developed. Your logo is eye-catching. Your brand has an identity.

But how do you convey that to the people who need exactly what you’re offering?

It all begins with smart web design. You need a website that grabs your customers’ attention and answers their questions even before they ask it. Your site should make it simple for them to purchase goods, stay in touch with you, and learn about your brand.

And because people are increasingly using their smartphones for internet browsing, your website needs to also look good and run smoothly on mobile platforms.

There is an art and a science behind creating impactful websites. Our team skillfully merges the two to develop unique, on-brand sites for every one of our clients.

“ Over 52% of all websites are viewed on mobile devices ”

A Site That Stands Out from the Crowd

Customers decide within a few seconds whether or not they want to spend time on your website. If you’re relying on a web design template, chances are high your site is blending into the background.

Sure, these templates are convenient, but they don’t place your customer’s experience at the forefront. When you’re building your web presence, think about what will make it most engaging for your audience. How can you create the best impression of your brand in their mind?

From the colors and the feel of your site to its content, we’ll help you develop a web presence that boldly highlights your place as a leader in your industry.

Optimized for Success

All the elements of your website must be optimized to get your company found in the right searches. It doesn’t matter how great your business is if it can’t get any traffic!

Our web development team can flawlessly manage this part of your process as well. Not only will your site look good, it will deliver results.

We’ll help you create meaningful content that’s optimized to drive traffic to your site and generate more leads. We’ll also make sure you get discovered in local searches, so you can connect with the people closest to you.

Our SEO services are comprehensive and effective. To learn more about what we do, click here.

Responsive Web Design to Reach Your Whole Audience

Not only is a good idea to have a site that loads quickly and displays properly on all viewing surfaces, it’s a necessity!

As of 2016, more people search for information on their smartphones and tablets than they do on their laptop or desktop computers. People consume information on the go and on smaller screens than they used to. Get found by your audience where they are and on their terms.

Responsive web design not only improves your customers’ experience on your page, it boosts your search rankings. A lagging, clunky mobile version of your site will turn off your customer base and discourage them from making purchases.

With advances in responsive web design it’s no longer necessary to have a separate standalone app to reach your customers on their mobile devices. We can design one site for you that works optimally across all platforms, simplifying the process and saving you money.

The Emagine Way

You know that you need help with your web design and there are many options to choose from. So why Emagine?

Simply put, we can create anything you can imagine! Our web development team is up to the challenge of building you a site better than you thought possible and our approach to delivering results is second to none.

We know that every business that develops a website wants that investment to broaden its communications to its specific market. Our team focuses on communications first and foremost.

We treat our clients' web site as an extension of their relationship with their customers. While web masters focus on the technical wonders of Internet programming and web site hosting, we concentrate on communicating timely and useful information.

Our first step is to analyze how our client works with customers, and how a web site will assist that process. The goal is to accelerate customer contact, not just reproduce a print brochure in electronic form.

Our second step is to focus on drawing customers back to a site repeatedly. In the early phases of the World Wide Web, the entire emphasis was to launch a site as an advertisement or billboard for products and services. These sites often were pretty to look at, but the content became stale very quickly.

If a site's "most wanted response" is to motivate the customer to place an order, it only makes sense that the design elements lead the customer to take this step. Finally, we help our clients learn more about their customers so that their website can be customized to meet customer interests.

See for Yourself

We’re proud of how we’ve helped our clients get their brand noticed with stunning, customized websites. And we know we can do the same for you!

It doesn’t matter what your field of expertise is. Our past clients span a wide range of industries. We will take the time to get to know your business and your target audience. Then we’ll put our skills to work to set your brand apart from the crowd.

But don’t just take our word for it. See our work for yourself. You’ll start to get ideas about how we can help you implement your vision for your own website.

To learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us as (712) 262-6674.

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