Google may seem like a complex search engine on the outside; however, if you dig deep and really learn how it works, it isn't that complicated after all. As long as you feed Google what it wants, any business website should be able to take advantage of a higher search engine ranking because of it.

Regardless of what industry you're in, these are things that every website owner should know about the biggest search engine in the world - Google:

They Are Changing

The technology sector is a sector that changes by the second, and Google is no different. Aside from gobbling up competing companies and developing new products, its search engine is the reason they are where they are today. Because Google will never become stagnant, its algorithm is going to be changing all the time. Each year, Google makes more than 500 changes to its search engine to help fight off spam, bring quality to the top and make its search engine a better place. If you want your website to rank, it's so important that you keep on top of the trends.

You Need to Compete

No matter what niche your business focuses on, there will always be some sort of competition. With the right promotional strategies and content, your website can rise to the top just like your competitor did. While Google is always changing, there are some things that still stay the same - Google will always reward high-quality content that gets recognition from reputable websites around the Internet. In the end, remember that there are ten spots to compete for, and the higher you rank, the more clicks and exposure your business will get.

More Than a Search Engine

In 2014, Google has hundreds of products that can make your business a lot better. Some of these products include:

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Google Places
  • Google Play Store
  • Android
Don't expect Google to change its way. As time progresses, there's no doubt that they are going to continue to add more companies, products and services to its portfolio.

Quality is Important

In the past, it was fairly easy to game Google's search engine with some mediocre one-page website. Sadly, these days are long gone. Today, Google continues to update its algorithm to reward those who create compelling content. Any business that has a web presence today should focus on the user first and create something as if search engines didn't exist. If you have this mindset while creating something, you're going to be a lot further ahead than those writing for a search engine.

They Want Data

Google is all about data, and the more data they receive, the more personable they can get with your business. In the business world, Google wants to know as much as they can about your business to make life easier for you. This is going to include tying in your Google+ account, linking your YouTube videos and verifying your business on your Google Places account. With this information, they will be able to send the right customer demographic to your website. The lesson here is to make sure that you're using as many Google products as possible to let Google know what your business is about.

If you play your cards right, Google is an amazing place to build your brand and draw in hundreds, if not thousands of new customers. Ultimately, in the end, Google will continue to create a high-quality experience. As long as your business abides by their guidelines and the user is your number one concern, Google will be on your side.

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