Imagine walking into a mall that has as many shops as there are websites in the world. There are over 1.3 billion websites worldwide. Seems like you would get lost and frustrated really quickly unless there was a way to find what you needed quickly and easily.

The internet is like walking into a giant mall. You have access to every website. This means, if someone is trying to find a business like yours, it might be difficult for them to find you.

Getting leads is easy when you know what to do.

Here's a guide to help you.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog helps when it comes to getting leads. Writing a blog helps set you apart from your competition.

You're now considered an expert because of the blog articles you're writing. You're in a position to help others by writing information they're interested in learning about.

Blogging also helps improve your rankings. Google and other search engines love fresh, new content. The more you write, the higher your rankings will be. Your customers will continue to visit your site because they're interested in learning more.

Blogging is easily shareable which can help you increase your leads organically. Don't forget to add keywords and links to help you get more leads.

If you haven't already, consider adding a blog as one of your 2018 marketing strategies.

Include a Contact Number

Getting leads is difficult when you forget to include a contact number. It's incredibly frustrating for a potential customer to find a website only to have no idea how they can contact the company.

Even if what you sell is digital, always include a contact number. People find it comforting and it increases their trust in your company. Even if they never call it, it's important for people to know they can reach out if they need to.

Locating how to contact your company should never be a challenge. Place a contact number on every page, if you can. If not, have a page that is dedicated to helping your customers contact you.

Use Lead Capture Forms

Your goal for lead getting is to get the customer to take some sort of action on your website. One place you can do that is in your Contact Us page. Rather than simply providing your e-mail address, you can have space for them to write you an e-mail.

This way, you'll always know exactly how they found you. Knowing how you're getting leads is vitally important. It tells you which pages and marketing strategies are working the best and which could use improvement.

You can also capture leads on other pages by asking people to sign up for your newsletter, sign up for an event, get a free consultation, or redeem a coupon. You can use these on various pages on your website.

Add Photography

Adding photography will help. People don't just want to read written content. They want to visually see what products and services they're buying from you.

Photography also allows you to include an alt text description and title tags. Those will then be crawled by search engine bots which will help you improve your online ranking.

Lastly, about 94% of your visitors are going to click on a site with visual images than they will a website with just written content.

Show Testimonials

Testimonials are great for getting leads. Testimonials are honest feedback from other people who have used your goods or services before.

The testimonials help other people see if what you're selling is the right decision for them as well. It helps builds up trust much more quickly. To add a greater amount of authenticity to your testimonials, add a photograph of the person leaving the testimonial.

Create Videos

We already know that visuals help with getting leads. By 2019, 80% of all web traffic will be video-based. Best of all, there's a lot you can do with videos.

You can place video testimonials on your site. You can create informational videos that help customers learn how to use your product more efficiently.

Videos don't have to be long, but they do need to serve an actual purpose. Look into getting a few professional marketing videos produced for your company.

Fix Website Errors

Website errors are problematic to every website. They can slow down how quickly your site loads. Sites that take longer than 2.7 seconds are often abandoned.

Bad links, duplicate content, and missing information on websites get punished by search engines, especially Google. Getting leads is difficult when your site isn't working as well as it should be.

Every six months to a year, do a test to see how well your website is performing. Fix everything that's wrong and you'll find it's easier to increase your leads.

Getting Leads is Easier When You Use Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to find new leads. You can post photos, videos, and written content on them.

There are social media sites for niches and sites where anyone and everyone can and should be a member. You can use automation to post when you need to.

You can also find your core audience really easily on social media. Finding people who have similar interests, are located geographically close to you, or who earn a specific income is extremely easy to find using social media tools.

Test Everything

Of course, just because you add something to your site it doesn't always mean automatic success. Getting leads isn't always easy.

Having a lead generation page can help. This page will allow you to test design changes before applying them sitewide.

If you develop more than one landing page, you can see which one works more effectively. Check the data to see which of your efforts is working the best and which ones might need a little bit of tweaking.

Get the Help You Need

Running a business on your own is nearly impossible. You need a team of professionals who can help you.

Most businesses can't afford their own in-house marketing team. That's why they outsource their needs to us. We can help you design a strategy that makes getting leads easy. Take a look at what we can do for you.

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