As a small-business owner, you only have so much time to invest in managing social media accounts. Twitter and Facebook have definite value, but one platform all company owners must use is Google Plus. This community-centered social media tool offers several distinct marketing advantages for your company.

The Community-Centered Approach

Technically, all social networks have a community of users. However, the one word often used to describe the atmosphere of Google Plus is "community." As opposed to the interaction and real-time discussions on Twitter, Google Plus is driven by networks of people with shared interests.

As you post content on your account, you attract users who search related topics. You can also search and find customers, competitors and experts in your industry to follow. By following, you gain access to shared information and resources for use in your business. Plus, you have the chance to share what you like with your own followers. Within the community, you establish credibility and authority if you share what users like.

Preferred Search Results

Google set up a program called Search Plus Your World (S+YW) that allows online users to get more personalized results on the massive search engine. When you perform a search on a particular topic, articles written and posted by community users that you follow or often read appear higher in the search results. As a business, this feature allows you to generate immediate and quality search traffic after you build a following.

A simple message to remember as you look to improve your search engine performance is "Google likes Google." As the law of reciprocity suggests, if you "Like" Google too, you become liked as well. Stated more directly, Google favors websites and article posts that showcase the +1 button and generate viral sharing. When your content is shared in the Google Plus community, you experience higher search engine rankings.

Broader Market Reach

Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest audiences are limited to the available users on those networks. Google Plus posts and "likes" have a broader reach across the massive Google network. Your Google account allows you to link your YouTube channel, reviews, wallet and other products with your Google Plus account. This structure simplifies sharing and broadens your reach.


You have to use Google Plus in your social media marketing plan as a small-business operator. In fact, a search engine optimization goal without a Google Plus strategy is not sensible. Data proves that you gain search engine favor with Google Plus.

You also benefit from the community orientation and industry relationships you can build. Your followers will see more of your web content in searches because of their direct relationship with you. You also get the benefits of Google product integration.

The challenge for some small-business operators is finding the time to get these Google Plus benefits. The solution in this case is to hire a quality marketing agency or social media specialist to help you develop and managed your social media accounts.

So, if you are ready to get started with a social media manager, contact us and see what we can do for you.

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