Make Every Page Count!

Every page on your website should be geared toward generating sales. From the actual content to the metadata associated with them, you can optimize your subpages to increase web traffic and compel potential customers to buy your products. Understanding how each element of your webpage works to contribute to your brand identity is crucial to building the best site possible. That’s why you need experts like us, who understand the evolving SEO landscape, to help you get the most out of each page on your site.

What is On-Page SEO?

When people search online, they are rarely looking for a homepage. They want the content that matters to them delivered as quickly as possible. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing the individual pages of your site, so they show up higher in search rankings and earn more focused traffic. The greater your page’s SEO ranking, the easier it is for potential customers to find it.

Google tries to help consumers find the most relevant pages to their search. That’s how they remain the top search engine. The way they know to do this is by analyzing user experience with each page. How long are users remaining on your page? Are they clicking links?

As you’re building the components of your website, think about how all these factors work together (or could be working better for you). Our on-page SEO strategy focuses on delivering quality content supported by the right metadata to bring you better traffic.

“ You have 7 seconds to grab your visitor's attention ”

It’s All About the User Experience

We don’t build websites for bots or spiders. We think about the real people – your customers – who want to find valuable information and buy your products. There are programs and companies out there that “over-optimize” websites, producing the opposite effect desired.

Truly beneficial on-page SEO puts the user experience first. The simplest way to keep people engaged on your webpage is to have an engaging webpage. The foundation of all our design and marketing is helping you keep your customers happy and grow your network.

Quality Content is Key

If you create valuable content, people will find it. And they will grow to trust your brand as an authority. Each page on your website works toward establishing brand credibility.

While you might not make any direct sales from your blog, it should be bringing in new subscribers, getting your audience talking, and building value for your company. Likewise, your “About” page, contact page, and every other section of your site should work toward telling your story and incentivizing readers to stay longer.

Content that drives traffic is engaging, well-written, timely, and in-depth. It solves a problem your audience is facing and is highly sharable. On top of that, it is optimized to maximize its opportunity to be found in organic searches.

Content like this does not happen accidentally. It is carefully planned. Our content marketing team will work with you to build a content stream that fires on all cylinders. You create more impactful content and your customer base will grow.

Metadata Matters

The information you provide about the information on any given page plays a major role in determining that page’s visibility to search engines and, ultimately, your potential customers. Use metadata wisely to encourage your audience to visit your site and stay engaged with it.

How do your webpages appear in your customers’ search feed? The title tags and meta descriptions that they read while browsing shape their expectations about the content of the page they point to. If you’ve neglected to write catchy, relevant metadata your audience can easily overlook your website.

Attract Engagement and Shares with Title Tags

First impressions matter. Your title tag is the first impression a user will have with your website. They are used in search engine results pages, web browsers, and social networks. Anywhere your potential customers are browsing for specific content, your title tag alerts them to how relevant that particular page is to their search.

Strong title tags are under 60 characters in length and point specifically to the content within that page. They contain quick, but highly descriptive information, usually featuring keywords that are important to the rest of your SEO marketing strategy. The more accurate the title tag, the more useful it is to someone searching for what you offer. And tags over 60 characters in length generally do not show up fully on Google searches, reducing their effectiveness.

We will help you craft eye-catching, lead-generating title tags so the people who need to find you can cut through the clutter and engage with your brand.

Meta Descriptions Generate Traffic

Often consumers know what they’re searching for but not where they want to find it. They aren’t initially looking for a specific site when they conduct a search on, say, “the best running shoes for flat feet.” They just know they want reliable information that most directly solves the problem they have.

Your meta descriptions are among the best tools at your disposal to get those customers’ eyes on your site. Search engines use these descriptions to determine the subject of your page’s content and who to filter to it. They are a 160-character preview of what browsers can expect.

Nearly half of all web users click on a specific result because of the meta description. Mastering these data on every page will drive traffic to your site and lead to more sales. We understand the strategy behind creating effective meta descriptions and we’ll optimize every one of your pages to work as hard as possible for you.

Optimize Every Page for the Best Website

Your business deserves to be found by the people who need what you offer. We will help you set your brand a part with our on-page SEO strategy.

We accomplish this first by getting to know who you are as a business. Yes, we have all the technical capabilities to build an engaging site for you, but it begins by understanding your goals for your company and for your online presence. The more we understand your voice, the better we can shape our approach to bring you results.

Every company is different. So we don’t approach any company with a template or a preconceived plan for what you need. That’s how Emagine is different. We combine technical and creative skill with personalized service to help each of our clients get the most out of their website and social media.

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