Turn the Curious into Customers with Retargeting!

With so many digital distractions, customers have about a 7 second attention span. That’s how long you have to make an impression. No matter how nimble and on target your marketing is, your business won’t experience much success if it relies solely on the traffic you generate the first time a customer experiences your brand. A great website will encourage customers to browse, but not all of them will be ready to buy. So how do you get them to come back? That’s where retargeting comes in. We can help you design attractive and effective retargeting ads that turn browsers into loyal customers.

Why Retargeting Works

There is a customer psychology in play when it comes to online shopping. Understanding how your customers think will allow you to serve them better.

Many customers begin in the investigation phase. They hunt for information and often aren’t even aware of exactly what they want. This is why it’s so important to develop content for your website and social media platforms that customers find valuable.

As they move from investigation to considering a purchase, many customers become distracted or get cold feet about spending money. They know they want the product you’re offering but aren’t sure if now is the right time to purchase it.

With your retargeting ads, you can follow your customers even after they leave your site by placing a nonobstructive cookie on their browser. The next time they run a search on Google, your ad will appear on their screen, encouraging them to return to your site.

By staying active in your customers’ mind, they’ll turn to your product when they’re finally ready to make a purchase. And because they’ve already had experience on your site, your ads won’t feel invasive.

Investing in retargeting allows you to better reach your intended demographics and make connections with potential prospects. The people who browse your site have already self-identified as potential customers. Whereas other forms of advertising speculate who you want to reach, this one speaks directly to people who have already reached out to you.

Creating a smartly designed retargeting campaign will produce a strong return on your investment and lead to new sales. It will also enhance your brand awareness and recognition, as your audience becomes accustomed to seeing your images featured in their search experience.

Retargeting is a smart investment for businesses of all sizes because it can help you maximize your ad dollars. It focuses on the likeliest subgroup of your potential customer base to make a purchase. Conversion rates matter. Spend your money and time wisely. We can help you maximize these efforts.

“ Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400% ”

Retargeting Takes Experience and Strategy

Getting the most from your retargeting efforts requires more than just a one size fits all approach. This is why our clients appreciate our customized strategies based on their needs and budget.

Our marketing team will audit your site, so you get a clear picture of which pages are performing well. Knowing how your customers spend their time on your site will help you create the most effective ads that funnel them into your sales process.

There is an art and a science to creating great ads. Our team has expertise both in harnessing the creative elements that influence customers and the technical expertise that keeps your ads in the right place at the right time.

We’ve helped many clients increase their profits and close the customer loop. Through A/B testing, segmentation, and other strategies, we will help you fine-tune your retargeting strategy to extract as much value as possible from them.

Target customers who visit a specific page, spend a certain amount of time on your site, click links, etc. Offer coupon codes to customers who have abandoned shopping carts. What works best for your business is unique to your business. We’re happy to partner with you to refine your approach.

Give Your Brand an Edge

The web is increasingly congested, making it difficult to create memorable impressions. Your brand is competing with large and small companies both locally and globally. Your ability to keep potential customers’ eyes on you is the difference maker in your business’s success.

Though effective, retargeting is still a relatively underutilized form of advertising. The time has never been better to position yourself at the forefront of this strategy.

We will help you think about what makes most sense for your company and build an action plan from there. Working with Emagine gives you the confidence in knowing that your entire web presence has a cohesive vision.

When your webpages are designed to convert, your retargeting ads will be doubly effective. Your customers already want to close the deal. We’ll help you make it as easy as possible to do so.

We pride ourselves on representing every client with innovative and ethical service. We’ll spend time getting to know your company’s values, so we can help you tell your story in a way that improves your reputation and your perceived value to your audience.

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